Female health and beauty. Everything you need to know about our 5 main hormones!

I think that it’s the responsibility of each woman to know how her body functions! Because such knowledge can help us to influence our health, mood and appearance. The most beautiful woman is not the one who buys all luxurious masks and creams, but the one who knows some information about her body and uses it right! I obviously don’t force you to take some endocrinology courses, but I highly recommend you to study the basis!

1. Estrogen.

Some people make mistakes when they call this hormone independent. In fact, estrogen is the whole group of female hormones, which contains estrone estriol estradiol. They are produced by ovaries. They mostly influence our shape. But if you look deeper, you will see that estrogen is the main thing in the female health. It is crucial in the functioning of our menstrual cycle. Our cells are renewed due to estrogen. Our youth depends on it. And it directly influences our libido.

2. Progesterone.

Our pregnancy happens due to this hormone. If the woman got pregnant, it means that everything went right. Ladies who are not pregnant can experience the symptoms of PMS. The body accumulates some fat to bear a healthy body. That’s why before period ladies complain about the couple of extra kilos. The rashes and swallows can also pop up.

3. Melatonin.

Sleep hormone. And, as we know, sleep is an important part of our look. Melatonin is responsible for the quality of our sleep. It influences the depth of our sleep and the way our body burns fat! That’s why bad sleep is not recommended. It is connected with your shape. It is also important to sleep at the right time. The best time is the period of darkness. This is when melatonin is produced. That’s a reminder to those who likes to sleep with the night light.

4. Testosterone.

It is considered to be the male hormone. But it also produced by female body. It mostly influences skin condition. With the flow of time it’s production slows down and the woman ages. So, you see how important this male hormone is.

5. Somatotropin.

Hormone of growth. It deals with the condition of bones. And it’s also responsible for metabolism. So, as you, this hormone influences our shape as well. Regular sport positively boosts this hormone.

Can we influence the hormones?

Yes, definitely yes! You are not always the ones to blame if they don’t function right, it mostly depends on your lifestyle. So, as you see, production of hormones is impacted by sleep, nutrition and your activity.

The earlier you will start thinking about it, the younger and beautiful you will remain.


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