Why do we need fashion shows and what’s the point of them?

Today I would like to have a discussion on this topic. Because this topic invokes many unanswered questions. Why do we such crazy looks and outfits on the runways and how can they be connected to daily life? How can they dictate fashion trends? It’s not really clear. But I will try to answer the question “How come?”

Why do we need a fashion show?

The first and the most important reason to organise a fashion show is to demonstrate the new designer’s collection. The main goal is to “sell” the clothes to people and make the idea of what our collection trendy. Why is everything so edgy and sometimes crazy? And why they don’t just show the clothes and exaggerate some things and make them absurd?

Let’s be honest, would you pay your attention to ordinary girls wearing ordinary shirts on the grey and boring runway? Not sure. But what you see on the runways in fact is really memorable. It invokes certain feelings, emotions and even negative reactions sometimes! Such fashion shows becomes popular and widely discussed. But how to make people watch the shows? Even craziest looks won’t always glue people to new collections. That’s why the whole new show is created and media and popular guests are invited there.

Show has a certain topic and usually the whole collection is devoted to it. All shows are trying to transmit theain idea in details. And if you think that no one will ever use it, you are wrong. Remember that many trends became a part of our everyday lives many years ago.

For example, boots. 50 years ago boots were worn exclusively by men. And for women wearing such boots was a bizarre idea. But today boots are unisex. The same story with new collections right now. They may seem wild and over the top, but gradually they become a part of our life.

How is it happening?

You may still think that clothes presented at the fashion shows has never been seen in real life. It’s not really true. Of course, no one will wear an excessive look from the runway and go outside, but some details will definitely be used. Where can I get them? You don’t need to worry. Mass market brands create new collections inspired by offered tendencies, but make it moderately.

For example: on the runway we see a model in the transparent suit, but on the counter of mass market shop we see a simple shirt with some transparent parts. And the amount of such examples is endless. Believe me, almost all clothes you wear is based on “insane” fashion shows!

I hope that it has become clear right now. And maybe you know some examples like transparent parts of the clothes? I am waiting for you comments regardless your attitude to the shows. )))

Your Yuli

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