Why do we look so bad in the morning? Who to blame?

For many, I can even say for the majority of girls, morning is not the best time for dates, meetings, etc. Especially the early morning. And even the meeting with the relatives at home can be postponed. At least until you make the minimum amount of all necessary procedures. Sounds familiar? But in fact your look shouldn’t be influenced by the morning, afternoon or evening. It’s called independence.

But how to reach this independence? Everyone wants to look great in the morning. Let’s find out what stops you from looking awesome in the morning. The main problems are:

-Dark circles under the eyes
-Swollen face
-Tired look

There are many different factors, but all of them have the same reason – the absence of right regime.
Yes, REGIME. We are used to blame the lack of sleep, but I recommend to pay attention to the regime in general. Because you can sleep well, but still look not so good. So, what lies behind this word – regime? Let’s start with some simple points:

1. Going to bed at the same time.

O can agree that it’s almost impossible with our modern lifestyle. But no one asks you to turn your body into the clock. You can stick to the approximate time. Believe me, you will start feeling better and life will improve in many spheres.

2. Healthy eating.

We won’t speak about healthy and unhealthy food. I am sure that you know it. We are talking about the regime that’s why we will focus on time. You really need to understand that the food you ear in the evening immediately influences your look in the morning.
If you eat products which are heavy for your stomach (for example meat, eggs, etc.) your body will be digesting them instead of resting. As a result you will wake up tired. Sweet or salty food will make your face look swollen. Fruits will probably do the same.

3. Water.

Everyone knows about the importance of drinking water. But let’s be honest – sometimes we forget to drink enough water.
As a result you drink more water in the evening. Sometimes you replace water with juice or some fizzy drinks. Doing this will definitely not give you a fresh look in the morning. Try to divide the water in equal parts and drink it during the whole day. The smaller part you can leave for the evening.

4. Perfect temperature.

The best sleep is the sleep in a cool place. Have you noticed when your dark circles grow bigger? Of course, in the summer, when it’s 40°degrees above zero!
In winter we usually look fresh.
That’s why try to create cool temperature in your bedroom. When it’s cold outside, you can cover in hundreds of blankets, but it’s better than sleeping with the open window.

5. Express methods.

If these rules are not for you or they are not effective, try some express methods. The best things are face massage, washing face with the cold water and patches. There is one more recommendation – keep all your morning products in the fridge. The effect of them improves 100 of times!

What influences your morning look? Have you noticed? If you want to, share your express methods of morning transformation?


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