Choosing the outerwear!

So. That’s it. There is no chance to postpone, December is here, winter has come. But lots of people still wear autumn jackets because they haven’t bought good warm outerwear. Let’s talk about it. This is not a standard article about trends. No. Today we will discuss the general principles of choosing the outerwear. And these principles will be relevant during all winter months.

What to choose?
Let’s start with the choice we have. We can choose from down jackets, coats and sheepskin coats.


Let’s start with it. Quite often even a very nice down jacket of a good model looks weird. It’s hard to understand the reason, but quite often the length is the problem. It’s hard to choose the appropriate and perfect length which suits you. Ladies who are not very tall should avoid midi length, it can make you look shorter. The general recommendation is to avoid buying the down jacket with the length higher than the knee. Such length makes the body look less proportional. Midi length or longer than the knee length, there options are the best!


Of course natural materials are always of a great value. But the technologies have developed greatly and there is no need to buy only 100 % down. So many good jackets have been produced recently, they are made of synthetic winterizer, but can keep you warm even when it’s 30 below zero outside. This synthetic material is really comfortable to wear.


The best idea is to choose the standard model of a straight cut. Super tight down jackets are out of fashion right now. But the models which emphasize your waist, you can buy them. But remember that such model is not universal for each body type! Quilted models are also trendy.

What to avoid?

The time goes by, but mass market brands don’t always catch up with the last tendencies. I’d like to point out some outdated details like fur on the hood and belts. Quite often I also see some questionable combinations of clothes on ladies. For example stockings and down jacket. It looks awkward! I understand that you need to get from car to home. But you can wear a coat. The combination of the stockings and a down jacket is really bad.


I can’t limit your choice. Don’t forget about your opportunities. If you don’t have an opportunity to have many options, then it’s better not to buy something very bright and frankly alarming. It will get boring soon, believe me. Choose the basic colours: beige, white, grey. Also you can choose black colour, if it doesn’t seem too dark for winter.

Sheepskin coats and coats.

There is nothing to write here. I will gather everything in one point of the list. Both these options are perfect for people with the car, but are not very good for those who have to walk on the street. You can have these items when it’s dry outside, but down jacket is a real must have. In other case you risk to waste lots of money on a coat and still get wet or cold.

Let me know: would you like to read the same article but about shoes? Or you have already bought everything?

Your Yuli

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