Everything you need to know about wrinkles.

Of course, you may decide that this is an article for a certain age group. But everything is not that simple. The wrinkles appear on our faces not only after 20,30 or 40. We are Nora with them!

What are the wrinkles?
These are the folds which appear on our faces because of different actions of our mimics. It happens because of the lack of skin’s elasticity. You may see it even on the faces of babies. The question is their intensiveness.

Why wrinkles appear in certain places?
Because we all have pretty much same mimic’s movements. There is one more interesting fact: Sun is directly connected with the wrinkles. Fans of sunbathing complain about skin aging more often.

There are many factors which influence the wrinkles, but actually all of them can be united under one collocation – unhealthy lifestyle. And we all know what is included in this notion: lifestyle, sleep schedule, nutrition,smoking, alcohol, stress, etc. And hormonal health, of course. If hormones do not function properly, person can start aging with the speed of light.

How to fight wrinkles.
Let’s have a look at all ways of getting rid of this problem.

With the help of them the wrinkles are filled with special preparation. Quite often it is well known hyaluronic acid. It is also used for lip augmentation.

2. Botox.
We all have different attitude to it. There is a plenty of ways to use it and I will explain to you how the botox works. Actually it’s a toxin which causes paralysis and it is dangerous for life. BUT! In cosmetology it is used in the moderate amount, but you still need to understand that risk always exists. Something can always go wrong. Don’t economise if you decide to take such step.

There is one more method and it’s even more serious one – plastic surgery. The result of this procedure can totally change the way you look. But you are always playing with fire because the result can be amazing or everything can go terribly wrong.

4. Cosmetics.
Well, this point of our list is not so effective as the ones mentioned above, but it also has the right to exist. Not everyone is ready for injections or plastic surgeries. But care cosmetics can also work wonders. But keep it mind that you need to do it regularly. If you were never taking care of yourself, don’t expect to find a magic cream which will solve all the problems in one second.

5. Face massage.
This method almost doesn’t even require the help of others and even money investments. You don’t even need to go to special clinics. You can practice face massage by yourself. If you are interested, let me know, I can describe in details some effective face massages which prevent aging.

To sum it all up, I need to tell you that the best recommendation I can give you is to care of yourself always! At any season, time or age. Of course there is such thing as genetics, but believe me that the person who eats healthy, has an active lifestyle and cares of himself can fight aging and compete even with the person who has an amazing set of genes. External factors are important, but beauty starts from inside and your health condition is crucial.

What methods of fighting wrinkles have you practiced?

Your Yuli

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