To wear or not to wear? All truth about bra.

So many ladies are staying at home right now and they obviously face the question of wearing or not wearing bra. Some wear it at home because they are afraid to loose the shape of breasts. Let’s try to bring some clarity to the question.

Why do we need bra?

We are all used to thinking that bra supports our breast, keeps it in a good tonus. But in fact it’s not true.

For women with a big breasts size wearing bra is a good solution indeed, but they should not do it constantly. Both statements that bra is dangerous or bra is harmless are wrong. Especially if we are talking about an uncomfortable model. If you feel that underwear makes your body uncomfortable, don’t ignore this feeling. The feeling great of discomfort may not be really disturbing, but the consequences can be quite scary. The details of bra in the wrong position can cause the oncology. Not immediately, obviously, but with the flaw of time. And you will never think that bra is the one to blame.

So what to wear?

Despite all the words I said above, I am not a fan on not wearing underwear. The secret is in the right time and situation. You should wear bra when there is a real need to support your breasts, for example while training, cleaning the house, etc. Also wear bra if your clothes is transparent and you simply can’t be without it. All these reasons to wear bra are adequate and logical. But some manage to wear bra while being at home or even sleep in it!

Now I’d like to calm you down a little bit. The absence of bra won’t make your breasts saggy in a second. Totally other factors are responsible for the tonus of breasts. They are workouts, size,genes. And if you really want to do something good for your breasts, pay attention to exercises, not hormonal creams and massages.

How often do you wear underwear? Does it mean a lot for you?


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