Vitamins of beauty.

People often do not get their necessary dose of vitamins from food, and the majority of them do not get it at all. Dietary supplements are only the temporary help, but not a solution to the problem. Almost everything, if desired, can be received from your plate. If you do everything correctly.

Group B.
All vitamins of this group play a colossal role in our appearance: hair, nails, skin. Pay special attention to biotin (B7). Problems with biotin intake are rare. It can be found in almost all products. The only risk is:
-The period of pregnancy and lactation;
-Abuse of raw / half-baked eggs.

Vitamin K.
K1 can be found in plant products (in particular the ones of the green colour).
K2 we produce by ourselves.
Vitamin K is responsible for the condition of bones, skin and cardiovascular system. It’s deficiency can often be determined without tests. An alarming signal is if you have an overly sensitive skin, and after any punch a bruise is immediately visible. It is usually recommended to be taken additionally in the form of dietary supplements. It is difficult to get it from food.

Vitamin E.
It is very common in cosmetics care ingredients. There is a lot of it in food: vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables contain vitamin E. Fresh broccoli is especially rich with it. But the biggest part of this vitamin doesn’t improve the condition of hair and skin. Therefore, it is important to enrich yourself with it completely: both outside and inside. Attention: Store vitamin E strictly in dark places. Vitamin K is very sensitive to daylight.

Vitamin C.
This is the ponsor of our immunity! We can take it from such products as mango, lemon, bell pepper, currants. Vitamin C is important not only for the condition of body in general, but also for the skin in particular. But it’s very important not to get overboard with this vitamin.

Vitamin A.
It exists in two forms: retinols and carotenoids. In the nutshell: animal and vegetable type. Focus on vibrant colors, this is where you can find this vitamin. There are no problems with the retinol. The body is able to regulate it’s level on its own. But be careful with carotenoids.

Vitamin D.
Despite the fact that it’s direct source is the sun, it aims to protect the body from UV rays. Just 20 minutes of sunbathing is enough to get your daily norm of vitamin D. But I advise you to be careful with this method. A safer option in this case is dietary supplement or seafood.

Note: Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed from fat. I am talking about: A, K, E, D, and some vitamins of B groups. Season salads with vegetable oils and seeds to get as much use as it’s possible.Is it safe purchase discount drugs without prescription

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