Beauty pursuit. Beauty procedures, which can spoil everything!

I need to warn you that I won’t tell you anything surprising. All procedures mentioned here are familiar to you and you know that they are harmful. But I want to explain why they are harmful and remind you about it once again.

1. Lips.

At first sight injections which enlarge lips may seem to be totally safe. But it’s not true. This procedure has certain side effects. The first and the most obvious one is edema. You can handle this side effect and it’s hard to avoid it. But there are some side effects which are way worse – I mean bruises, redness, allergies, bumps and even lip deformation. Don’t forget about the chance to get infected. But if you still feel like doing it, go to the professional doctor, but not to the first salon which appears on your way!

2. Eyelash extensions.

If you use the gel or glue of a bad quality, there is a risk to harm your eyes. You should be 100 percent sure that the products are quality. It is also important to check your allergic reaction. And don’t forget that it’s impossible to avoid the eyelashes damage when you take your eyelashes off.

3. Nail extension and gel nail polish.

I think that it makes no sense to go deep into the details when it comes to this topic. Just pay attention to the looks and condition of your nails when you remove the gel layer. The damage is spotted with the unaided eye. Together with shellac you will remove the protective layer of your nail. Your nail will become thin and damaged. You apply one more shellac layer and you get trapped into the vicious circle…

4. Solarium.

Don’t forget that UV rays cause skin aging and make it saggy. If you have freckles and dark spots, you have definitely heard the recommendations to decrease the time you spend under the sun.
Then you need to understand that solarium is basically sun rays multiplied several times! Be ready that your dark spots and freckles will become more visible. But these problems seem not serious if to compare them with the health damage. There is a risk of oncology problems in the future and you can’t go there if you have gynecologic diseases. Do it in moderation.

5. Dying your hair.

Our hair consists of 3 layers: Cortex medicle and cuticle. How does a color change happen? The pigment gets inside your hair. Cuticle serves as a protective layer. High pH temperature and chemical means damage the cuticle. We know that hair can grow back after the damage, but it won’t happen in 1 or 2 days. You may need years to return your initial healthy hair condition. Chemical substances can harm your health, especially ammonia.

All procedures are safe, but on the other hand they can seriously damage your health and appearance. And when you feel like changing something in the way you look, ask yourself: Is it worth it? Do you need to risk?

Do you let cosmetology interfere in your appearance? Or maybe plastic surgery? Let me know your opinion and what cosmetological procedures are crucial for you?

Your Yuli

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