Aging skin care.

First, let’s answer the question: What is aging skin? Someone thinks that it is a skin of a 40 years old woman, someone says 60, and others call skin so even at the age of 30. To be honest, all definitions are correct. There is no specific age. In general, this is the skin after 40 years. But you should understand that everything is very individual. All the tips that I am going to give today do not help to get rid of wrinkles, but work as a prevention. Therefore, such care is suitable for any age!

Why does the skin age?

First of all, these are hormonal changes. You cannot avoid them. But with the right care and nutrition, we are able to postpone this process for a longer period.


I will not dwell on this moment for a long time. We all understand that there is one secret. Or rather, there is no secret. A balanced diet that includes all the ingredients + enough water. The only thing I want to pay special attention to is lipids. Never limit yourself to healthy fats! It won’t help you to lose weight. But premature aging and hormonal imbalance are very possible.


1. Cleansing.

As soon as we bring up the topic of cleansing, we immediately recall this point. Aging skin especially requires moisture. And regular gels won’t really work. Look for products with more oily or creamy textures.

2. Exfoliation.

Here you need to use a very careful approach. Aging skin is very easy to damage with an aggressive care. I recommend paying attention to acids. Even if you’ve never used them before. It’s high time to try. Just remember about the sensitivity of your skin. If you have problems with this, then take the minimum percentage. Gradually it will be possible to reach 10% of acidity.

3. Protection.

The most important point is this one. What is the main problem of aging skin? The ability to regenerate decreases. Accordingly, all aggressors bring more negative consequences. And as you know, the main one is the sun anf UV rays. Please don’t forget about SPF regardless of the season. It is a huge mistake to protect your skin from the sun only in summer!

And remember that skin is something you don’t need to economise on. You don’t need tons of makeup and masks to look good. A few basic, but QUALITATY tools are enough. And one more tip: Get started now. Even if you are under 20. It is better to prevent the appearance of early wrinkles than to think about how to get rid of them later! Do you agree?

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