Clothes’ care.

What a shame when you buy an expensive item, but it becomes unusable after the first wash. Most will immediately blame low-quality material. Perhaps it is true. But most likely, you ruined it yourself… I collected some tips for clothes’ care. I decided that before the start of the cold season, these pieces advice will come in handy.

1. Cashmere and silk.
Hand wash only! Use gentle products. I know that many people use baby powder for this. There was no sad experience connected with baby powder, but I still do not recommend doing this. Everything has its purpose. If in the future you do not want to buy a new sweater, then you should invest in a special powder right away.

2. Drying.
The option “quickly” is in no way appropriate if the thing is really dear to you. No irons, hair dryers, or even radiators! Spread it horizontally on a flat surface and wait.

3. Protection.
As you might have guessed, washing is not a soft process. Just imagine what is happening in the washing machine at this time! Even the highest quality clothes item can suffer. I suggest avoiding this by using special laundry bags. They are usually made in the form of a grid.

4. Details.
Locks, accessories, etc. If they still haven’t ripped your thing apart or destroyed your washing machine, consider it to be a luck. I have found a solution in hair bands. It can be any cloth or bandage. But it’s easier for me. We put a soft elastic band right on the locks, and tighten it tight.

5. Turn things out.
There is always a risk of damaging the fabric. So, it will be better it happens on the other side. And I also recommend to iron in this way.

6. Don’t take on too much.
You must understand that there is a category of things that are in no way suitable for home washing. As much as you want it, you don’t need to take on too much and hope to cope on your own. If you already have something like this in your wardrobe, then be prepared to spend money on dry cleaning.

Important! I would like to draw your attention to the most common mistake of each of us: not reading labels. This is an instruction. And yes, clothes needs it too! I want to devote the next article entirely to instructions. We will learn how to understand pictures.

Is this information relevant to you? Admit it, have you spoiled things once due to improper care?

Your Yuli

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