Trends of spring-summer 2020!

We have reached the moment when we can start choosing the clothes for the upcoming season. The current weather isn’t going to last long, so let’s get it started! Let’s draw some conclusions going by fashion week and let’s see what fashion offers to us. 😉

1. Rainbow.

In my opinion prints are getting boring. And the most popular trends are striped prints, checked shirts, polka-dotted shirts… Leopard?! Well, that’s something totally new. Because you can definitely be a lover of minimalism, but try not to l miss a chance to try something new!

2. Fringe.

We haven’t heard about it for a while. It’s made for those who don’t love perfection. It looks a little bit negligently, but trendy.

3. Volume sleeves.

Every season we get something volume. Oversize jackets, trousers, now we are getting sleeves! Anyway it looks feminine and very special and gives all fans of elegance an opportunity to try oversize.

4. Embroidery.

Yes, sometimes fashion repeats itself. What did I say about elegance? Well, this word can’t describe embroidery, the better words are tenderness and sophistication.

5. Sequins.

Fans of minimalism will be impressed by this article. Because, sequins are trendy again. But I have already said it a million of times – we don’t need to cover into trendy clothes items. You can wear the clothes you are used to and add a trend as a detail. I talk about insets, just like we may see on bags or shoes.

6. Leather.

Or eco-leather, if to be more precise. It is a real bomb of the upcoming season, and we can already see it. Fashion world isn’t going to stop and produce only leather jackets. We will have all items made of this material! Leather trousers, skirts and even shirts.

7. Minimalism.

Well, it’s time for the half of my readers to give a sigh of relief. Not only rainbow becomes relevant nowadays. Minimalism is something that won’t disappear anyway. Don’t worry. But I highly recommend you to mix it with some extraordinary things. Maybe it will be a turning point for you which will allow you to discover new style!

8. Monochrome.

It is a definition close to minimalism, but it mostly deals with colours. This trend is about nude and tender shades. Something moderate and monotonous. When it comes to this trend, you can try the mix: monochrome shades and extraordinary model of clothes or print.
I wasn’t able to mention everything in one article. Because I am here not only to name this trends (you can google it without my help), but to comment on them or get a feedback in the form of your comments. 🙂


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