Trendy shoes of summer 2019

We have discussed clothes trends. Now it’s time to talk about shoes. So, let’s get it started!

1. Mules.

These shoes are very practical, you can wear them and combine with any clothes. They are perfect for a walk and for office. If you prefer more standard shoes, then you can choose flat mules with simple design. If you want to be super trendy, try on the mules with geometric heel. It’s going to be the next trend.

2. Geometric heel.

It can also be round, rectangular and triangular. It depends on your taste. It looks quite extravagant and extraordinary for people and also such heels seem to be very uncomfortable to wear. But it’s not true. The shape of the heel doesn’t define the shoes.

3. Strings around the leg.

It’s a very interesting and nice detail, in my opinion. Such strings make your look great for summer. It’s a simple thing, but nice and beautiful at the same time.

4. Steady heel.

We’ve walked a long road from tiny high heels to giant soles. And now we made it to the best option – steady heel. It’s a golden middle between two extremes. It’s like you are wearing heels, but don’t torture yourself and still remain very feminine. And sometimes we feel like putting away sneakers and shoes with steady heel can be a good solution.

5. Bows.

Wearing bows is spiffy and nice. Even if you want to wear sneakers, bows can add some elegance to them and to your shoes as well.

6. Fringe and tassel.

We are talking again not about the model of shoes, but about accessories. Probably, it’s not a trend for everyone. But as I see it, tiny tassels or fringe can’t be too extra. They will be an interesting and mobile thing.

7. Pointed toe shoes.

We could see such shoes in the oast. Probably, in our mom’s wardrobe. But just like all other tendencies, this tendency is back! This kind of shoes is not bad, but can spoil your look. Especially it can change your height or shape of legs. These shoes do not suit everyone.

I’ve emphasized these 7 trends. But don’t forget about prints. I’ve mentioned them in the previous article and didn’t want to repeat myself in this one. You can check this article right now if you haven’t read it yet.

Yours Yuli

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