Top 7 beauty trends of the upcoming summer!

Trends, trends and again trends… Here they are!

There is nothing I can do about it because it’s high time to leave this three months break, filled exclusively with educational content. It’s time to relax and recall such a beautiful thing as fashion. Unfortunately, some of the trends are really hard to apply because of the mask mode we are currently having, but it’s not the reason not to use cosmetics at all.

1. Cat eye.

I have even heard that some people make plastic surgeries in order to achieve such effect. In this article we will focus on reaching this effect with improvised means. You can find a huge amount of ways to do it in a simple way. Someone uses tape, someone uses ruler. Choose what is the best for you.

2. Unusual eyelashes.

Or I would say accent on eyelashes. It shouldn’t necessarily be something huge. Your eyelashes simply need to attract attention. If you are brave enough to use blue, violet or mascara of any other colour, you can even come up with some ideas of your own. For example, you can not apply mascara on your lower eyelashes. It is also kind of an accent.

3. Pastel shades.

Especially when it comes to heavenly blue colour. Yes, I understand that this colour is quite specific, that’s why I will talk about all shades in general. You may choose the one you like. I need to say that I am in love with this trend. Because the upcoming season is going to be hot and summer is the time when we want to wear bright and vivid colours.

4. Wet skin and shining effect.

Shining is getting relevant not only on the face, but actually all over the body. You can create this effect with the help of natural oils. There is no need to buy some special beauty products to achieve this effect.

5. 2000s.

I don’t feel like I need to explain what this period of time is associated with. Almost all of us lived in those years and we obviously remember what was trendy and on top. 2000’s style is the matter of taste, but if you feel nostalgic, you can recall those times!

6. Plain colouring.

You may think: “What’s so special about it?” It doesn’t sound trendy. But think about all trendy hair dyeing of recent years – ombre, highlighting, shuttles… But now the classics is coming back! Just a simple monochromatic shade. I recommend you to look at coal black colour. Despite the summer time this shade will be the most relevant.

7. Not noticeable eyebrows.

On one hand, we don’t touch our brows, but on the other hand this is how we make them more visible. Sounds absurd, but it’s true. And if you feel like trying something cutting edge, you can hide your eyebrows. People do it with the regular powder, but some are even braver and simply tweeze them! And it’s way braver than having the eyebrows which remind the threads.

What do you think about new trends? And are you planning to try all these make up trends despite the masks? And what are you going to choose?


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