5 style rules which everyone should know!

What do we need to look stylish? Should we know the last trends?
Do we need to watch each fashion show and spend all days on Pinterest looking for fresh ideas for looks? No, it’s not gonna be enough if you continue making mistakes in some simple things… Today I will share with you 5 style rules, which will always be relevant! 😉

1. “Your” shops.

The common mistake is buying stuff in different shops. I don’t talk about brands, they can be different. I am talking about the “mood” of the shop, about the vibe of it. You will never develop your style, if you keep buying luxurious brands and combine them with mass market models bought on the last sale… You should choose sone main points which suit your lifestyle. It includes things starting from your financial status and ending with your character.

2. Base + trends.

It’s sometimes funny to see how the girl got inspired with the compilation of trends and went to buy all of them. You don’t simply need to use trends, you also need to do it right and harmoniously. There is an important rule: combine the base with the trends. You can put on ordinary things and then combine them with trendy elements.

3. Use the colours right.

There is no such colour which you can’t wear. We spoke about it in our articles about the colour type 😉
The thing is that all colours and shades are open for you. But some shades can not suit well. The solution is simple – we send them down, to the lower body. We buy jeans, skirts, etc. The colours that truly suit you we move closer to our face.

4. Don’t forget about accents.

Find your strong sides and week sides. You should have understood it long time ago. But if you didn’t think about it, now it’s time to do it! The accents can help you to balance the proportions of your body, you can highlight your strong sides and hide the flaws.

5. Add details.

Sometimes everything may seem great. There is taste and everything suits you. But there is something missing. The look is good but boring. And here come details! You can add just a couple of moments and change the whole picture.

I hope that the article was useful for you. 😉 And let me know which point of the list was problematic and used to make mistakes in it?


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