5 daily beauty rituals!

So, ladies. It’s the third of January and it’s time to change your life and make all your New Year resolutions come true! If among these New Year resolutions you had a point about self-care, I have some ideas for you. I will share with you my everyday rituals.

1. Washing your face with ice.

It influences the blood circulation and make your cells breathe. Ice helps to dive into the deepest skin layers and nourish your skin with useful elements. What do I use? Usually it’s just a mineral water. But sometimes I try freshly squeezed juice or chamomile.

2. Moisture and cleansing.

I think that these things should be regular. Regularity is the main thing here. The problem lies in the fact that many ladies do this procedure from time to time. And then they are not satisfied with the result. You will see positive changes only if you do these rituals on regular basis!

3. Homemade masks.

I will share with you the recipe of my favorite mask! Some secret ingredients and your skin will be grateful. So, you may write them down: grape seed oil, flax seeds and turmeric. So, let’s start in order.

Turmeric improves blood circulation and is considered to be a strong antioxidant with a great anti-inflammatory effect.
All these components joined together create a wonder mask.

Grape is the strongest antioxidant. Especially – dark grape. It’s protective qualities prevent the formation of the free radicals which are usually caused by the body imbalance. Both immune imbalance and hormonal one.

Flaxseeds are known to be the filters of your intestine. Eating these seeds will positively influence your skin. And the result will be even better if you make a scrab out of it!

4. Healthy eating.

This point also includes right water consumption and avoiding the salt and preservatives. I regularly have vegetables in my menu. And don’t forget about the importance of cellulose for your skin. Cellulose cleans your intestine, gets rid of the toxins and prevents rashes. I take cellulose from vegetables and cereals.

5. Sleep.

I just couldn’t avoid mentioning sleeping. The New Year has just started, so why not to analyze your regime and allow yourself to have 7-8 hours of sleep! I am sure that you know how to do it. Without having enough sleep a other points make no sense and loose the positive effect.

Hope this list was useful for you. Don’t forget to share your rituals so we can try something new together.

Your Yuli

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Спасибо, у Вас фигура бомба! Но хотелось бы чуть подробнее про рацион. Как часто Вы едите? Перед и после тренировке какой рацион если не секрет? Сахар вообще не употребляете и как давно? Спасибо!