Things that will spoil your shape and ruin your figure.

You can have an amazing body, but there are some things that can spoil the whole picture and make you look shorter, fatter, etc. I mean they can definitely change you for the worst. I’ve gathered top of the most often used things that distort your look.

1. Knee length.
We need to admit that the majority of women quit wearing such things. And it’s hard to find such length in new collections. But this length still exists and ladies wear it without notice that it spoils the look. This length is bad from the point of view of practicality. It distorts the proportions and make legs look shorter. It’s better to choose midi length.

2. Over-embellished.
When you go overboard with many frills and ruffles, you attract attention to problematic zones. And not only. Volumous decorations make add volume to you. Even if your weight is absolutely perfect, be careful with such decorations.

3. Breeches and very high pin rolls.
Let’s start with the fact that breeches are not relevant at all. Bike shorts which conquered Instagram in the wink of an eye, is another thing. Speaking about pin rolls, they can do two things – add an interesting detail to your look or completely spoil everything. It, actually, depends on you and the way you pin roll. If you pin roll your jeans higher than it’s necessary, your leg will look shorter and bigger. But if you find a right place, exactly near the lower part of your ancle, you will make your legs look thinner due to emphasizing the thinnest part of your leg.

4. Big bright prints.
Here it’s just the same as with decorations. You can use polka-dots, stripes, plaids, etc. I will say even more – you should use them. But if these prints are big, you have a risk to make your body look bigger. There are some options when it looks great, if you know how to use such things. Unfortunately, such skill is quite rare.

5. Tight shorts.
Summer is coming and it’s time to bring up summer clothes. Such shorts together with skinny jeans are not relevant anymore. And it’s not the only reason to stop wearing them. Pay attention how your legs look in tight shorts and volumous shorts. If you try the second option, you will see that your legs look slender. Try this hack, it really works.
I’ve mentioned main factors, but, of course, it’s not the end of the list. These things spoil the looks of many people, but some cases are individual. It’s up to you to decide.


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