The reasons of binge-eating. How to get rid of it?

I won’t even ask you whether you are familiar with this problem or not. I know that this topic is not very pleasant and people don’t want to talk about it. But the relevance of this problem is huge and the consequences as well. Why? Before finding the solutions try to find the reason. So, what is the cause of the problem?

The abundance of choice.
Today we have a huge choice of food and we suffer from oversaturation. Our ancestors used to eat what they could find, we can eat whatever we want. Climate and location are not important anymore. We can try exotic fruits from different countries, superfoods, etc. In fact people who live in different places have different needs.


It’s a scary thing. Because the manufacturers are ready to do everything in order to attract the clients. It’s not very pleasant to understand that things which we eat can be the parts of business and stuff. The healthy food is not so important, the main thing that customers buy it. The priority is good advertising,good package and visual stuff.


Let’s go back to our ancestors again. They had a minimum amount of ingredients available. Only grass and animals nearby. On order to get food they had to risk their lives and spend lots of time and effort. But now everything is available and sometimes we eat something because we are sad or bored. Because it is simple to open the fridge.

ED (eating disorders).

It’s not the reason, it’s a result of everything. Overeating is also ED. We get psychological problems because of many different factors. People treat food as a cult, but not as a source of energy. We think too much about where to eat, what to eat, what to cook, etc. The amount of people who suffer from eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia is huge. This topic is very serious and relevant. Let me know if you want to discuss it in details.

ED is not really about body and shape, it’s about our health. Mental and physical. Binge eating is harmful for both types of health.

everybody needs the necessary amount of energy and nutrients. For the right digestion different ferments are produced by our body. The huge amount of nutrients can’t be digested right because of the lack of ferments. It reflects on digestive system.

Here everything is more or less clear. Food is not a toy and it’s not normal to eat all the time trying to fix all your inner problems. Yes, we can overeat sometimes. But check yourself-how often do you do it and how much do eat? It’s better to advise a specialist if you do it regularly.
How to find your portion?

Quite often we face a question: how much do we need to eat? It’s individual. We all need different portions. You feel what you need. I don’t recommend you to count calories. You can become a slave of this process. But to count calories for a couple of days and to analyse it is a good idea.
Probably, it will give you the understanding where you are right and you are mistaken.

How to get rid of this problem?

So, finally we are talking about the solution. Before diagnosing a psychological disease, try to follow some recommendations.

-Eat balanced food. When the body feels the lack of nutrients, you want to overeat.
-Eat when you are hungry. Not when you are bored or watching the series.
-Take snacks. When we don’t eat for a long time, we can eat everything later. You can control appetite by eating in moderation.

Have you suffered from compulsive overeating? And was it a big problem for you? And how many of you can eat a slice of pizza just to fit the company?

Your Yuli

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