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The model Yuliana  Dementyeva: “It is important to be yourself, in spite of everything.”

Yuliana  Dementyeva is a  Ukrainian top model who worked with the most famous fashion houses, magazines Vogue and Elle, and has become the faceof the line of accessories by Givenchy. In the interview with Style Insider Yuliana told about her ballet childhood, the features of model  business in Ukraine and abroad,about her  favourite cities and also about her  friendship with Ricardo Tisci.

About the ballet and yoga

I graduated from a 10-year-old ballet school (choreography and modern dance) in the city of Krivoy Rog, where I spent my childhood and youth. It was the best school of classical dance of the city under the direction of Taisiya Pavlovna Parshina. The world-famous dancer Vladimir Malakhov made first steps at her school. This school was spoken about by everybody. My mother  wanted to study ballet when she was a child, but it didn’t happen. That’s why  she decided that I should  go to this school,  for what I say my mother  ‘Thank you!’

Unfortunately, I do not attend ballet performances so often, but I try to take my daughter there. We got a lot of pleasure from the ballet “The Nutcracker”, and now we are  looking  forward  for  the production of “The Great Gatsby.”

As for sports,  now I only visit the gym, where at the end of each training I stretch, remembering everything that was taught at the ballet school. After the birth of a child, to get into a good form and continue to work, I practiced yoga for a year and a half, which has helped me to achieve the desired result. But I plan to renew practicing yoga, as well as the ballet. I also like  modern dance, and  I think my physical preparation will be enough to start with.

About Modeling

Being in  model  business helped me to be more confident, developed perseverance, persistence and self-possession in me and also I became more sociable.

I believe that if you really want, then you can do modeling for a  long time. It is important to desire. Of course, there are many ‘and how: it is “what about the family”, ‘what about the age,’ these constant movings, etc. But those who has learned  skillfully to combine, remain popular for years  and work for their  pleasure, making happy people around you.

If we talk about the modeling business in Ukraine, it is developing rapidly, but  it is rather about  the level  of models. There are a lot of  beautiful  girls, they are found, trained, but the whole industry is oriented mainly to the West. Ukrainian model girls are sent to work in Asia, America, Europe, because to earn enough in this field in Ukraine is impossible.

To girls who  dream of becoming  models, I would advise to believe in themselves, to  achieve goals by persistent hard-work. It is important to remember that every woman is beautiful in her own way. Nobody needs to try to be someone else or look like an idol. Stay yourself, in spite of everything, be unique and interesting. At the same time remain honest and behave with dignity in any situation. Build your relationships with other people correctly, believe in love and true friendship.

About favourite cities and countries

Visiting Barcelona for the first time, I fell in love with this city. And it is because the Spanish are very kind people, they do not hurry and do everything with pleasure. The relation of those people whom I met  while working in Barcelona, ​​ frankly speaking, pleasantly surprised me every time and  it is a large rareness. I love Paris, but I would not like to live there. Barcelona is just the city in which I feel just great! I adore the architecture of Gaudi, you can look at his masterpieces for hours. I also like the Spanish language and paella with marine products. And, the last but not the least, among all fashion capitals of the world  Spain has the lowest income  tax.

Coming back to France, I always remember a French morning with small fragrant newly-baked croissants and cappuccino. And of course, the south of France is a full delight for me. Nature, sea air, fresh seafood, wine, perfume  factories, old mountain villages with narrow streets and famous restaurants!. And how can one not remember Monaco? The Country Museum, which is always clean and in order. Beautifully and stylishly dressed people, expensive cars, parks, hotels, where the most famous movies were shot. Only there, in the morning, on the beach you can meet Leonardo Di Caprio and in the  evening  to have  supper at the nearby table with Robert  De Niro. And of course, I am still impressed by Japan. I have been living in Tokyo for six weeks, and it’s a completely different planet! In order to understand this city, its culture and people, I advise everyone to visit Japan as soon as possible. The unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

About  work with Ricardo Tisci

Ricardo has always supported me. We spent a lot of time together while the collection was being sewed, as well as during the filming of an advertising campaign. It was he who brought me back to modeling after the birth of a child and tried to do everything that  my career went up: gave me instructions and acquainted with a business on a completely different level, and I am very grateful to him. Almost 4 years passed, as I haven’t taken part in the  Givenchy shows for several seasons . But when I arrive in Paris, I always learn from our common friends , how he is, what is going on in his life. To see him  personally is  not so simple, because he almost always works, and if he has his rest, he prefers to visit other cities and countries.

About favourite Ukrainian designers

I’m happy to wear things from Ukrainian designers.There are  a few things  In my wardrobe from a young Ukrainian designer Jean GritsfeldtaYasi Minochkinoy, and of course, Bicholly. I can also distinguish  such designers as Kostya MistletoeSvetlana Bevza and Lily Pustovit.

The plans for  future

I continue to work in fashion. Now, I try to understand what attracts me more: to be in the frame or held a camera and direct the process. Not so long ago I became interested in photography and took a few fashion-shoot with Alla Grigorieva and Alyona Subbotina. As soon as the inspiration appears, I seize the camera and call my girlfriends  models. This is only a hobby now, but I see that many people like the way I take photos, so I enjoy it even more. I am sure, I will develop in this direction.

Author: Catherine Kaptsova

Photographer: Olga Ivanova

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