Swelling and weight changes. How and why water “wanders” in our body.

Tell me please which problem really bothers ladies? Fashion? Make-up? Pimples? Yes, all these things are bad. But there is something even worse than that… Extra weight! Am I right? But quite often we panic when we don’t need to and waste our time because mix extra weight with simple swelling. In 90 % of cases the phrase “I’ve put on a couple of kilos” doesn’t make sense. So, how to understand the difference between fluid retention and real extra weight?

And how to prevent these things? Let’s figure it out…

So, where does the swelling come from?
Actually there are many different reasons. And it’s quite hard to remember and avoid all of them. And is there a point of doing it? Sometimes swelling can be caused by extra glass of water before you go to bed, or rice for dinner, or something else. I will tell you about the most well spread moments.

1. Lack of water during the day.

Why does it happen? Because 80% of us is water. You know perfectly well about it. Now answer these questions: Should we drink water all the time? Especially when it’s so hot? Even if you don’t drink water, your body will demand it anyway. For example, in the evening which is a dangerous time.

2. Salt.

It’s not really about big amount of salt, it’s more about when you eat it and how you eat it. If your meal is heat treated it’s one thing, but to add a pinch of salt to the readymade dish is another thing. What’s the difference? If you are into cooking, you should know that salt and other spices open their taste when they are heated. In the first case you will add less salt to the dish.

3. Sugar.

You don’t need to have a sweet tooth in order to consume too much sugar. Sugar is everywhere! Starting from banal ketchup and ending with fruits. Drinks is another story. If you really want to cut down on sugar drastically, you should spend the half on your life on learning the ingredients and asking the waiters in the restaurants millions of questions. But you don’t want to seem crazy? That’s why it will be enough simply not to eat sweet desserts and fruits before going to bed. And don’t drink sweet refreshments while having a dinner. You can do it in the first part of the day, but, please, do it in moderation!

4. Not eating enough during the day.

The situation reminds the same story with the water. You feel great and haven’t eaten enough during the day? Your body will let you know about it. You can start binge-eating in the evening (especially something really not healthy, such as sweets) or have a proper big dinner. In both cases be ready to see the swollen face in the morning.

5. Cycle.

In the majority of cases we are the ones to blame for swelling. But, as any rule, this rule also has some exceptions. I mean your periods and your menstrual cycle. It can cause fluid retention to 2 kilos! Have you noticed that you look and feel a little bit plump when your period is coming? You need to accept it. Because there is no way you can influence the nature. Anyway, you will tolerate these inconveniences only for a couple of days.

6. Chemistry.

As you understand, fluid retention is caused by salt and sugar. But there is one more point which we shouldn’t skip – it’s chemistry. I highly advice you against eating good with preservatives. It negatively influences your health and makes you look really swollen.

7. Hormones.

This is one more reason where we can’t blame ourselves. Hormonal distinctioning is a serious thing. Some may look swollen all the time, the others may not have such problem. We all have different bodies and different problems. If you have some problems in this area, I highly recommend you to get tested on hormones and check your thyroid.

Is swelling a problem for you? Have you ever thought that it’s the weight problem?

Your Yuli

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