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7 Street style mistakes of all time

January 13, 2020|

Fashionable doesn't always mean stylish. The article is about ladies opportunity to dress well but to spoil the look. We are going to take about really serious fashion mistakes. Please continue reading if you don't [...]

Choosing the outerwear!

December 2, 2019|

So. That's it. There is no chance to postpone, December is here, winter has come. But lots of people still wear autumn jackets because they haven't bought good warm outerwear. Let's talk about it. This [...]

9 main headwears of 2020

October 28, 2019|

Well, here we are. We may like it or not but the weather gets colder day after day and it's time to warm up a little. And it's high time to think about the headwear. [...]