Fashion and style. What’s the difference?

I notice one moment sometimes – people talk about something without clear understanding what it is and what it means. Misunderstanding of the meaning of the words fashion and style is a very popular one. Maybe it is connected with the line I work in, and I work there 24/7, or maybe this topic is really spread widely. Anyway, I would like to clarify the meaning of these two notions.

Fashion is something changeable and not permanent. You may see how fast it changes. Pretty much every month we drop a new article about trends and quite fast points from this list go to anti-trends. It’s like a circle. The main idea of the fashion is the reflection of our standards and time. It can change, repeat itself, then change again. Fashion is what we see on fashion shows: ideas of designers brought to life and fleshed out.

Style is an individual thing. It’s not something dictated by the surrounding, it is something that a person chooses individually, according to his character and taste. The task of developing this unique taste of style is a difficult one and not everyone can do it. Style is forming day by day, it is influenced by circumstances, places you live in, mentality and people surrounding you.

But there is one more motion left – image. Image and style are often mixed. But these are different things. Image is a temporary thing which depends on circumstances surrounding the person. You can become an office worker and follow office style for a certain period of time. But it doesn’t mean that it will be your image forever.

Now I hope that you understand that fashionista doesn’t always look stylish and vice versa. There are very stylish people, but they are totally indifferent to trends. Quite often they achieve this condition due to lucky combination of taste and trends.

Were these words different for you? Or you thought they were synonyms?

Your Yuli

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