Ways of learning foreign languages on your own!

If not right now, the when? I can’t come up with better time for learning languages! When will you have an opportunity to simply study without finding an excuse and complaining about the lack of time? And it’s not only about English, it’s about everything you wanted to go but didn’t have enough time it. Anyway, the topic of our discussion today is learning languages. I have gathered here 5 ways of studying English at home!

1. Phone apps.

I won’t name anything specific. Just believe me that there is a plenty of apps like this. I will tell you about the benefits of such study. You don’t need to depend on anybody. You don’t have a teacher, you don’t need to go anywhere. You don’t even need your laptop or computer. Your cellphone is enough.
All materials are presented in the form of the game. You can choose the formats you like: tests, questionnaires, etc.

2. Movies and books.

Yes, people kind of get scared of it, because watching movies and reading books in other language sounds frightening. But don’t be scared. You can achieve this goal step by step.. It may seem to be impossible right now, but slowly slowly it can become your routine. There are such books where the half of them is written in Russian and the other half on English. It looks like vocabulary and it’s very convenient. Wheb it comes to movies, I recommend you to start with something simple, for example movies or shoes which you have already seen. Or you can even start with the cartoons. Don’t choose something with the complicated plot. There is a high probability that there will be many difficult words which you don’t know even in your mother tongue. Start with the entertaining format.

3. Online courses and channels.

Such format doesn’t require your offline presence, but it’s not as simple as the application. But many people need it for the discipline. In this case you are going to have a teacher. You will spend money on it and missing the lesson or not doing homework won’t sound exciting for you.
YouTube channels are incredible and free. But it may not be cool for everyone. Many people may not understand something and there is no way to ask questions. Again, discipline matters, for many people self-discipline doesn’t work if money wasn’t spent.

How many languages do you speak? And what are you doing at the moment?)


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