Sport clothes optional guide

I decided not to wait till Wednesday and brought up this topic today. We are going to talk about clothes and this topic is absolutely fine for Monday. So, what should we start with? Top! Yes, top, because there is a huge diversity of them.

1. First of all you need to identify the type of your workout (jogging, squats, cardio, etc.), and choose the level of difficulty – medium or light (for example yoga or pilates). And this thing will be the most important for your choice.

Now let’s choose the size. This point is very important and it’s better to pay enough attention to it. You will need to measure two things: chest and under bust. Both things are important, you measure chest size going by the highest point and under bust is measured in the upper point of your ribs. Be attentive, if you follow these things that will make your top fit perfectly.

3. Choosing breast-bands.
If you want your workout to be effective and convenient, you need to wear top which will hold your breast well. If you have a good size of your breast, choose thicker breast-bands, if your size is not so big, then the thickness of breast-bands doesn’t really matter.

4. Material.
People prefer natural materials when they choose the clothes, but the principle is a little bit different when it comes to choosing tops. Never choose 100% natural material, it will get wet during your workouts. The right materials are:
Diving – this material contains elastane, polyester and viscose. The material help liquid circulate all over the body and dries out very fast.

Taffeta – thin fabrics which kind of reminds of silk. It is used as a pad.

Duspo – this material has many different kinds.

Dazel – knitwear, made specifically for sport.

5. The last but not least point is the cups. They can be joint or separated. It’s the matter of taste, but the ladies with bigger breast who like to exercise a lot should choose separated cups.
And a pleasant bonus – a couple of words about trends. It’s Monday today, so, it’s time for this topic.

The most relevant trends of this season’s sport clothes are:
-Leopard print
-Flower print
-All shades of khaki and camouflage
And I just can’t skip the bike-shorts – they are trendy in gym and everyday life.

Could you please answer the question. Is the clothes important for you when you exercise? And what is more important – the way the clothes look or feeling of comfort when you wear it? Be honest, please. Do you agree that it’s cool to have enough knowledge to combine all these points together!

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