What, with what and when? Compatibility of the products.

We have discussed lots of things related to the nutrition and healthy eating. But as we can see from the practice this topic always leaves questions. We won’t discuss what to eat, but we will discuss how to combine products. Let’s dive deep into this topic. There is nothing surprising about the fact that right combination of products is important. Different products are digested by our body differently.

1. Meat and eggs.

Process of digestion of these products is a difficult one for our body. That’s why you should eat them with the light food. Perfect option is green beans. They won’t only help to digest what you’ve eaten, they will also not overload your digestive system and detoxify the body.

2. Vegetable fats.

Let’s bring up a standard example: vegetable oil. Actually it’s compatible with all kinds of food. But don’t forget about the high calorific value of the product (800 calories per 100 grams). But to add calories to some light products (vegetables, for example) is a good idea!

3. Sugar.

Let’s start with fact that the best thing to do is to avoid sugar or cut down on it. But this topic is long and difficult. Try at least to eat sugar away from other products. Sugar itself may seem to be light from the first sight. But unfortunately it makes the process of digestion of other products way more difficult.

4. Beans.

They kind of remind meat. That’s why vegans try to replace meat with the beans. Bean is a healthy and rich in protein food. Unfortunately, this product is not good for every stomach and can be really difficult to digest. The best thing to do is to combine the beans with vegetables or vegetable oil. But not with meat! That’s a huge mistake to make! Beans or lentil is not the best garnish for meat.

5. Fruits and dried fruits.

For us these or serve as a desert. A very useful one, actually. But it can loose it’s nutritional value if combined with wrong product. I recommend to add raisins or dates into the porridge, or wait 30-40 minutes and eat them after.

6. Vegetables.

Vegetables are precious, it’s a real gift of nature. People started to underestimate vegetables because of the abundance of the other products. Vegetables can be combined with everything except for sugar. Starchy (pumpkin, potatoes, beet, etc.) or non-starchy (cucumbers, tomatoes) vegetables are both useful and universally compatible.

7. Cottage cheese.

This product is also a heavy one. And you probably know that many people have a heavy feeling in the stomach and discomfort after eating it. It doesn’t mean that you should exclude it from your menu. You simply have to find the right compatibility for yourself. Don’t eat cottage cheese with fruits and vegetables. Try to eat it plain and you may get rid of the stomach discomfort. Heat treatment is a good idea.

8. Hard cheese.

Hard choose goes great with fruits and vegetables, especially the sour ones. Feel free to add it to the salad, but do it in moderation. The worst thing to do and this is a popular habit for many people is melting cheese. In this format cheese becomes super difficult to digest.

And what do you know about the products compatibility? And I also I am wondering – are used to eat meat with garnish, porridge with fruits, etc.?

And are there any followers of the separate eating?

Your Yuli

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