Sorting out your wardrobe is an important step to creation of your own, unique style!

In the previous article we were talking about what things to do (to watch, to read smth) in order to develop your own style. But observing is not enough. It’s time to act! Today we will talk about creation of your own image. We will do it according to the plan:
-creation of the list
-cleaning the closet

1. Creation of the list
Basic wardrobe doesn’t require lots of things. And it’s pretty much alike for everyone. But it’s not identical. Take into account your profession and lifestyle. Now you will get what I mean.

For basic wardrobe we will need:
-jeans, trousers, skirt
-sweater, sweatshirt, shirt, etc.
-T-shirt, blouse
-perfect option

I think you have no questions about all the points except for the last one. When I speak about the perfect option, I mean a perfect look that is always ready and you can wear it in any case. Especially in the situation when you have no time to choose the outfit. What can it be? We will discuss it later.

2. Cleaning of the closet.
Now, when you have the list of all necessary things, you can start sorting out the wardrobe you already have. It can take a lot of time. It depends on the amount of clothes you have. There is no need to hurry. Do the job step by step if it’s impossible to do everything in one day. It’s very important to concentrate and to think through all the clothes you have.
First of all we need to get rid of unnecessary things. What does it mean?

-Antitrends. Don’t mix it with things which weren’t in the fashion shows of this season. Antitrends are things that were trendy for last year or two and the market is over saturated with them and people are tired of them. I think you know what I mean.

-Clothes which you haven’t worn for a long period of time. Of course, we have different understanding of the term “long period of time”. But if you haven’t touched this thing for more than a year, you will probably never wear it again.

-Uncomfortable clothes or clothes with some defects. Be honest with yourself and admit that you have some clothes which needs to be repaired, cleaned, etc. They just lay in the wardrobe and don’t perform any function. If you haven’t got rid of the defect immediately after it’s purchase, it means that you don’t really need it.

3. Now, when you got rid of unnecessary stuff and realized that something is missing in your wardrobe, it’s time to start the most pleasant part – shopping! And I promised to tell you what clothes to choose according to the list.

-The lower part of your outfit. You’ll need to buy jeans if your lifestyle is far from official dress code. If you need something more official, you can try trousers. It’s not a problem, taking into account the trend of wearing trousers with sneakers, etc. You can wear jeans or trousers in the afternoon or in the evening.

-The upper part of the outfit. You can buy a monotone shirt or T-shirt, it’s even better to buy both. This kind of clothes isn’t as expensive as all others. Of course, you need to have something warmer than T-shirts to survive. It can be a sweater or a sweatshirt, you can choose relying on your taste. But sweater is more practical.

-Shoes. If your budget is limited, casual sneakers are the best practical option for you. You can wear them anywhere. In the evening as well,if you have made the right combination of other clothes in your outfit.

-Bag. Simple black bag of an appropriate size is a good choice you will not regret about. Your goal is to buy something that will serve you for a long time,of course, as a basis. You can additionally try some other new and interesting bags, but the basis is compulsory.

-Accessoires. Don’t go to far with the experiments. Earrings, tine ring and a necklace can beautify your casual look or will put interesting accents in your evening outfit. Also pay your attention to watches. I have even written the whole article about them.

-The perfect option. This point of the list was the reason of many questions. To be precise, it’s a look which perfectly suits you and you can always wear it. For example, oversize business suit or famous little black dress.

As you see, sorting out your wardrobe is not an easy task. And if you decided to make it, be ready to spend a lot of time on it.

When was the last time you sorted out your wardrobe? What do you prefer? Base or trends?

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