Sun – our summer enemy. How to save yourself?

Do you remember that I announced some articles about summer care? I am ready to launch them! Let’s start. Today we will discuss sun protection. I think that it’s wise to start with this point because I know very well that so many ladies skip this point and it’s actually very sad.

There is nothing difficult in sun protection. I will tell you about 5 mistakes you should avoid.

1. Apply sun protection only once.
It’s very good that you’ve applied it. But it’s not enough. After a couple of hours there will be no sun protection effect left on your skin. Ladies, if you really care about your health and your skin, it’s quite stupid to be too thrifty when it comes to it. Apply sun protection as often as you can. The best thing is to do it every 2-3 hours.

2. Protecting your skin only from 1 type of rays.
I am sure that you didn’t even think of the existence of A and B rays. More often we use protection from B rays. But don’t forget about A rays, which can lead to pigmentation and wrinkles.

3. You have nothing to fear if you’ve applied cream.
Cream is an additional protection. It’s silly to think that it can save you from everything. There are some other important rules: right time, your health condition (for example it’s a bad idea to sunbathe if you have low immune system).

4. Being keen on high level of SPF.
We know this rule – “the more the better”, but in this case it doesn’t really work like this. High SPF level is good, but everything that is higher than 50 can not be useful. First of all, such protection doesn’t exist. It might be a desire of manufacturer to attract more attention to product. Secondly, such products can harm your skin because of it’s composition.

5. Applying sun protection only on your face.
I am sorry, but what about other body parts? Of course there is no need to apply cream on your legs if you are wearing jeans. But why do you protect the whole body when you are on the beach and only the part of it when you are in the city? Just a reminder – apply sun protection cream on all body parts which are open to sun!

6. Refusing to use the cream if you don’t like it’s texture.
To be honest, good sun protection has a specific structure which may look kind of weird on your skin. It can even make your skin white. It may seem to you that the cream is too heavy or thick. But it can be a good sign actually!

So,which mistakes have you made? I also ask you to share your sun protection product. Let’s exchange the information and reviews! Because I am in search of a good product right now.

Your Yuli

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