Too much grooming and beauty care. Why is that bad?

I have already brought up the pointlessness of having many different care products a couple of times. But I never discussed this topic in detail. This article will not only open your eyes to the effectiveness of your care, but it will save your time and money.

Active substances.

Each product has its own active ingredients. And some of them are the basis. There can be 5 main varieties in total.

-AH and PH acids.
-Vitamin A (various forms)
-Vitamin C.

We have to choose several items from this list depending on the individual needs of the skin. Some go well with each other. But the others are strictly forbidden to pair!

Negative effect.

When there are too many tubes on the shelf, and you have no idea what to apply, when t do it, what to combine together, and whether your skin really needs it. Sounds familiar? If this is your care here then you risk to harm yourself due to improper chemical reactions.

Lack of results.

Let’s say you’ve applied one product to your skin. If you just go to sleep, it will work. But then a grandiose decision comes, to apply something else. “To be sure.” And when combining components, you waste both and get zero effect.


When you just for fun, without special needs, apply everything, you lose the common sense. It looks like an antibiotic. You absolutely do not need a certain active substance at this stage of your life. But perhaps there will come a moment when you will need it. For example, climate change, or age / hormonal changes. It would be possible to quickly change the situation, but all the components were already present in the care. Nothing new. The skin is already used to it. Do you see what I mean? Again, zero effect.

What shouldn’t be mixed?

Here are the main examples:

-Peptides and AHA acids
-Vitamin C and SPF
-Essential oils and fruit acids
-Retinol and Vitamin C
-Retinol and acids

In fact, there are even more of them).

Today I gave reasons to reduce the number of skin care products from the point of view of safety for the skin. But I also want to remind you about how much money, time, and elementary, space, you waste, having a huge amount of unnecessary jars.

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