How much do we need to eat?

So many different schemes of nutrition have appeared recently: interval fasting, daily meals, etc. But there are even more restrictions than meal hours. Today I would like to bring up the topic of time of the meal and amount of the meals. Because for an unknown for me reason we prefer to focus on these things.

So, how many times do you need to eat?

The first thing we need to start with is daily schedule. It mostly depends on the circumstances of person’s life. Because we can’t always chose how to eat and what to eat. This choice is influenced by such things as work, study, motherhood, etc. It depends on how busy the human is.

Another moment is comfort. Someone is used to eating a lot of food at once. The other really like snacks. It all depends on our eating habits. Lifestyle is a crutial factor in this decision. We may not realise eat, but so many factors matter:daily activity, food itself and the time of the meal. I am not saying that habits are not important, but you can change them for better or worse.

But the main question still remains unanswered: How often do we need to it?

A while ago there was a popular opinion – we need to eat many times, but small meals, but now the opinion of nutritionists has divided. I am not a doctor and I can’t prescribe you anything, but I would like to discuss it with you taking into account my knowledge in this sphere and information from different sources.

Pros of having frequent meals.

-You don’t get too hungry and you don’t risk to overeat.
-You don’t overthink while choosing the dish because you can eat something else later.
-You don’t feel stuffed after a big portion of food.


-You become really dependent on food and it’s not only psychological thing. You have a need to snack always and it’s not always convenient.
-Sugar swings. Frequent sugar swings cause insulin swings which is obviously not good.
-Excessive calories. Or the probability of it. You can consume a lot of calories when you eat 5-6 times a day.

Who is right?
Well, we will probably never figure out the truth. No matter which method will be acknowledged as a right one, many flaws will be found. So you need to make a decision for yourself depending on what makes you feel better. Also take into account sport, if you workout you definitely need to consume more calories than the office worker.

Now tell me please about yourself. I am interested not only in the way you eat, but also in your lifestyle. I’d like to see the statistics. 😉


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