Skin exfoliatingis the basis of summer skincare.

Lot’s of people have no idea that our skin needs exfoliation. But actually it’s an important part of skin care, especially in summer. If you are not a pro in the process of exfoliation, I will help you. And I will also try to answer the questions: What? How? And when?

Regularly! But not every day. The perfect time is not more than once per 7-14 days(it depends on the skin type)… Yes, in order to get a visible result on you skin, you need to do it regularly! It’s hard to do something regularly, if you don’t have idea what it is. I think you will become more motivated after our today’s conversation.

Why do we need exfoliation?
Exfoliation helps to speed up the process of skin cells renovation with the help of chemical agents. It gives our skin such benefits:

-we look fresh
-we look younger
-our cells are renovated

An interesting fact!
Our skin is naturally set to renovate. This process happens every 28 days! Everything seems to be perfect, but, unfortunately, there are some factors which slow down the process or do not let it happen. These negative factors are dehydration, cosmetics on our face and active work of sebaceous glands.

Types of exfoliation.
It can be of two types – chemical and mechanical. Which one to choose? In my opinion, chemical is better. Because it is safer. The most popular example is salicylic acid. It can’t cause any problems such as allergies, it gives a wonderful result and the price is great.

Which zones you need to pay attention to? To be honest, all zones. But you should use and individual approach to each of zones. For example, skin around the eyes. It’s also skin and you shouldn’t skip it. But the approach to this skin and the skin on your butt should be different. Some parts of the skin require tender treatment, another parts need tough approach. Each centimeter of your skin requires your care and attention!

You can and you need to exfoliate your skin, even starting from the young age. In some cases even from teenagers’ age. There is nothing harmful about it. It’s not plastic surgery or wrinkles fighting. It’s a necessary procedure, which can not only tone the skin of an adult woman, but also help to get rid from acne the teenage girl.

What to use and how to use?
We’ve discussed all the benefits of the exfoliation. And, in my opinion, it has only benefits and can not do any harm. Now let’s move to the most important part – process.
The choice of the product won’t be a big deal, because the variety of choice is huge: scrabs, masks, gels with exfoliating effect, etc… If you want, I can send you the list my favourite products via Telegram.

There are no special things to say about the way of exfoliation, but, as any others procedure, this one should be done on the 💯 clean skin. Without any foundations, BB creams, etc. In other case you will harm your skin and waste your time.

Have you tried exfoliation before and how often have you done it? Maybe there are some unanswered questions left? Feel free to ask them!


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