The most unexpected ways to contract a virus! Things we don’t even think about…

Theory is theory, but the truth lies in practice. I apologize, but today I made a spontaneous decision to bring up the topic of virus. I have already told you that you can get enough information about hygiene measures. But two weeks of quarantine had passed and everything happened to be not that obvious. The basis remains the same: wash your hands, stay at home, self isolate, etc. But there are some small things the majority of us don’t even think about. Unfortunately, they may be risky as well!

1. Goods.

I mean everything which gets into your house. Have you thought about the fact that virus can be not only on your dirty hands or clothes? It can be on any object. It seems to me that during the times of quarantine people started buying more than before… Online delivery makes everyone happy. But how can you know what happened to that good before it got to your house? I can’t forbid you to order anything at all,but I highly recommend you:
1)Wash it.
2) Don’t do it immediately.
Are you surprised? Now think of how long the virus lives on the objects;) You don’t need to put on new pyjamas or use new blanket immediately.

2. Food delivery.

Just like standard delivery, food delivery is still working. But there are no guarantees. Obviously, kitchen is controlled way more seriously now, I don’t doubt it. But even small mistake of a cook or delivery guy can be a risk for you. I understand that you want to use this online services. But you can also postpone it for a while and get by with the help of your cooking skills (no matter how good or bad they are).

3. Food.

You know what insight hit me? The realisation that eating process is one of the most dangerous right now. I mean if you ear out. The problem is that we like touching food while eating or cooking. We can add sauce, pour smth, etc. And don’t forget that all these products are products from the counters! What is the possible way out? Washing hands immediately? Not bad, but hardly possible.
I know that many of you sanitise products after buying them. Great! That’s really good. If you can’t do it, you may use napkins.

4. Hair and nails.

I would recommend you to stay away from long nails. Most people leave their house wearing gloves, but there is enough dirt in the house as well. But when it comes to virus you can’t notice it like the dirt under the nails. Hair is another thing. It is good at transmitting the infection. That’s why you can wash your hair after street and make a hair bun before leaving the house in order to avoid the contract with face.

5. Accessories.

Watch, glasses, bracelets,etc. All these things just like your cellphone are dangerous spreaders of infection. The phone was immediately announced as a spreader, but the other objects are not spoken about that much. That’s why I’m reminding you about this danger. The best thing is to stay away from them for a while. Or sanitise the constantly. As often as you can.

Have you thought about this points? Do you have some smart guys who have already thought about the danger of these things? And let me know about your safety measures! The more points we add to our safety list, the more chances we have to stay safe and healthy!


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