The worst mistakes of your summer wardrobe!

There are many moments we pay attention to while choosing the clothes. We estimate everything: trends, prices, qualities, etc. But you need to understand that even when the clothes totally corresponds all current trends, no one guarantees that you will look great by wearing it. Today I would like to look at the most frequent and serious mistakes which I am spotting among the ladies this summer.

1. Underwear.

Yes, I remember the times when it was fashion to emphasize your underwear under clothes. But this season is a different thing. To be honest, it’s an anti trend. Especially when lace underwear is obviously visible through thin minimalistic coothes. In the majority of cases I would choose silicone pads. But please forget about silicone straps!

2. Sweat on the clothes.

Yes, this point is an unpleasant one. But we can’t be silent about it. I understand that sweat is totally natural, but you can easily spend the summer without showing it. I am not talking about deodorants, you may be surprised, but I am actually speaking about clothes! And not simply clothes, but it’s shade in particular! Shade is crucial. And this trick works for both men and women. Don’t choose T-shirts of neutral colours. It can be dark or light. But grey colours and everything of this color palette should be postponed to cooler seasons.

3. One material.

“But what about total looks?” – you may ask me. Yes, this is an exception of the rule. Because it it looks organic and natural and total look was the goal you wanted to achieve, then I have no questions for you. In all other cases I highly recommend you to mix the fabrics. Don’t cover yourself in everything made purely from linen or tweed, etc. Don’t be afraid to combine! The best way to do it is to use light fabrics for upper body and thick fabrics for lower body.

4. Glasses inside the building.

It is even awkward, it’s not simply a style mistake. We all understand that if you drop in for second, you may forget to take off an accessory. But it looks extra. That’s why don’t forget to take off glasses when you enter the shop, elevator,etc. And when you are talking to somebody! It is also an important part of etiquette!

5. A few clothes.

Yes, we may understand candid clothes differently. But there are some general rules. I can give you an advice from the style point of view. If your clothes on the upper body is quite open, then the skirt should be at least of midi length. And if you have chosen shorts which are not really relevant currently, than top or naked shoulders will be too much. You will always be balanced if you follow the rule I’ve shared with you.

Guys, be honest – have you recognized yourself in any of the points of the list? And also let me know: What do you like to wear in summer (dress/shorts/trousers)? Actually the majority of ladies loves to wear dresses!

Your Yuli

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