Rosacea. What’s going on with your skin?

I think that many of you faced with this quite an unpleasant problem. Small pimples all over body. Such skin condition immediately makes us think: Where is it from? Maybe it’s an allergy? Maybe I contracted something? But quite often the reason is rosacea, and it can even be innate.

Even if we can’t find a way to defeat it completely, we can find a way how to live with it. It’s just important to know the rules of the individual approach to care and personal hygiene.

What is a rosacea?

It’s an inflammatory skin process. Quite often it is caused by vasodilation. It happens because of the main enemy of our youth and health – the sun. I am planning to go into details and discuss this topic in my upcoming articles, but today we will focus on rosacea.

Who has rosacea?

Usually it’s a problem of people with a certain skin type: it’s light and thin. These people also get freckles quite often, which are absolutely charming. But unfortunately they also have lots of problems with skincare.

What should we do?

We have already found out that there is nothing we can do to it. But in order not to let the situation go out of control, you need to stick daily to certain rules in your beauty routine. Here they are:

-Mild cleansing.
Cream textured beauty products will work better on your skin than ordinary gels. Use beauty milk instead of micellar water to remove make-up.

-No scrabs.
Your skin is very sensitive and if doesn’t need extra exfoliation. Daily cleansing and basic care is more than enough.

-No brushes.
It’s quite obvious, but I will mention it again. All these cool anti cellulite massages will only damage your skin and cause irritation.
In your case you can fight cellulite with tender massages, nutrition and mildly working products.

-No alcohol.
Yes, alcohol is allowed in the ingredients of the products,but it doesn’t fit everyone. If you have rosacea, avoid buying cosmetics which contains alcohol.

-No oils.
You may be shocked now. And I totally get you because oils are harmless and useful. But it’s partially true. I will explain. Well, oil itself is harmless. But quite often people with rosacea can be allergic to certain components. Especially to ones which is not the part of chemical cosmetics. Sometimes natural doesn’t equal good.

Some additional recommendations:

-Vitamin C
Doesn’t forget to pay your attention to the presence of vitamin C in cosmetics and in your menu. The lack of vitamin C can cause the escalation of the rosacea symptoms.

It’s a must have not only for people with rosacea, but for everyone who wants to look young and doesn’t want to get skin cancer. If you have problematic skin, use SPF 30 or SPF 50 sunscreens, especially when the weather is sunny.

And don’t forget about your emotional state. Because nothing influences us better then good mood and harmony within us. It’s not just saying, our nervous system is directly connected with the condition of skin and body itself. People with skin problems will agree with me. When you stress out, the result is always visible on your face.

Do you agree? How many of my readers are born with rosacea? And how do you fight it in everyday life? Or maybe this problem appeared recently? For example as a result of gastritis. Tell me, I am really curious.

Your Yuli

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