Right skin cleansing.

Do you remember the series of the articles about summer skincare? Today we will focus on the most important step – cleansing. You may think that I say like this about each skincare step. And all of them are really very important. But the importance of the right cleansing is 💯 important. Why? Because exfoliation, moisturising or the best mask in the world won’t do any good if your skin is dirty,oily and has clogged pores.

Remember it – cleansing goes first. For sure you know how to cleanse your skin, but we will discuss the summer version of this process.


I repeat once again that you should pay special attention to it. And you should do it at least twice a day. And try to use tonic during the day.
First of all let’s see what’s the difference of summer from other seasons and where main problems are hidden.

In summer such factors appear:
-High temperature
-High humidity
-UV rays

What result do we get?
-Dry skin
-Very oily skin
-Enlarged pores

We will fight against these problems. What will we do?

The first thing you should do is to put off all rude and aggressive to your skin things: scrabs, peelings, etc. Use them not more often than twice a week and only if you have oily skin. In other case avoid these products at summertime! All you need in summer is light facial cleanser gel, sebum, thermal water, tonic/matting napkins. Something like this. Let your skin rest. But still each skin type requires special things. And we will discuss them in details.

Dry skin.
Use something light and tender! Avoid facial foams! The perfect things are soft gel or cleansing milk.

Oily skin.
In this case you can use something more serious, but not scrabs. Facial foams or mousses are also good.

Normal skin.
In this case don’t overthink and use skin products which you like and feel comfortable


Yes, skin cleansing is not only about beauty products. You have probably forgotten about gadgets, right? I wonder what you use? Sponge, brush, electric brush or, maybe, something else? Everything is very individual, but avoid rough things. Palms or soft sponge may be enough during summer time. Don’t worry, winter is coming and you will go back to your favourite beauty gadgets.

Make up removal.

This step goes last, but it’s definitely not least. I’ve placed it last on purpose because I recommend you to use cosmetics in moderation in summer. Why? First of all because your makeup can melt because of heat in half an hour. You can be wise and use the necessary minimum. No heavy foundations, BB or CC creams. Light lip tint and mineral powder is enough. And even this minimum should be carefully removed from your face. Micellar water is a good beauty product for summer period. But again, everything is very individual.

So, which skin cleansing problem is the most relevant for you? Does your skin type change in summer? It’s important not to panic if you see such seasonal changes. Right approach and change of skincare on time really helps.


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