Protein in the menu.

When we imagine an athlete, we don’t doubt that this looks like this thanks to the miracle of drinks in bottles and bars. Most people actually use protein in addition to their diet. But is there a need for this? And is it safe at all?

Protein (protein) is the main building material for us. It is responsible not only for muscles, but also for the condition of the skin, nails, hair. No matter what your activity is, every person needs it. But in different quantities.

According to the WHO recommendations, 1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight is normal. ⠀
Those who want to gain mass, or simply have a good percentage of muscle and less fat, can eat a little more, for example 2 to 2.5 grams / kg.

Sources of protein.

Here’s the fun part … There is a huge selection of different proteins on the plate. Vegetable protein: legumes, some cereals, nuts. Animal protein: meat, fish, dairy products (especially cottage cheese), eggs, cheese.

Simply vegetables are considered incomplete on the part of some nutrients and vitamins. But I will not prove anything). I personally know many vegan people with an excellent health and body quality. Everything is individual here. If you have the right information, and not only eat useful products, but also combine them correctly, then everything is possible. I believe that it’s true.

Additional sources of protein.

Finally, let’s touch on the issue of powders and bars. “How can there be extra protein?” This is a whole separate topic. Your kidneys will definitely not thank you for the protein booster on a consistent basis. But there are other points as well.

1. Price. When it comes to quality and proven protein, the price can be really high

2. Awful composition. You won’t just drink powder. To make it tasty, a bunch of sugar and flavorings are added there.

If you find it difficult to control this in your diet, then the powder option is really convenient. And you can take it with you if you can’t have a full meal.

I talked about the main points. The rest is yours. Personally, I think it’s not so difficult to figure it out and build yourself a normal diet. But I sometimes admit to use additional help if circumstances really oblige. But not often. Anyway, natural is always better.

Do you use extra protein? If so, in what form? The market is so abundant now: we have bars, pancake mixes, cocktails …

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