Habits which can set you free from salon!

Have you ever thought about this question: Why do ladies go to beauty salons? It’s kinda weird because beautiful and well-groomed women existed before and they managed to look that way without any help. So why not to take care of yourself without helpers?

Such problem may occur because many people attend salons without a certain goal. Just because they are used to it. And even under conditions of isolation people continue getting beauty services and breaking the rules. But this is a whole different story. The majority of people had a chance to realise that they can do many things on their own.
Now let’s go back to the question: Why should we go to beauty salons?

Quite often we go there to get some standard services – to get our nails, eyelashes or hair done. Today I will share with you some habits which I have developed recently and with their help minimized the need in the services of others!

1. Buy all necessary tools.

The more tools you have, the more independent you become. Let agree that not everyone has manicure set, clippers, or even some obvious grooming things? You don’t want to spend money? Just imagine how much more you will save in the future if you have all these tools! So I highly recommend you to buy the tools which force you to go to the salon. The only thing you should do is to learn how to use them.

2. Trim your ends.

The procedure of trimming the dry ends is not very difficult if you do it at the right time. Curl your hair and cut the protruding hair. You can repeat this procedure once in 2 weeks.

3. Take care of your nails.

Nail coverage or design are not the easy things to do, but standard nail care can be done without the help of someone else. Again, we need to go back to the point number 1(buy all instruments). I won’t make this point of the list really long because some time ago I wrote the whole article about it!

4. Avoid having really long nails.

It’s not a habit, it’s actually a recommendation: the shorter your nails are, the less problems you have with them. And it’s better for your health. Long nails tend to collect dirt, and there is a constant risk of breaking them. If you are wearing nail extensions, then the situation is even more complicated. Obviously it’s the matter of taste, but from the point of view of both hygiene and saving money short or medium nails length looks better.

5. Don’t forget about yourself.

This is actually the main rule! If you constantly maintain the level of being well groomed, you won’t need the help of the professional and you will see that everything is quite simple! Just do what you can do in terms of self care and grooming regularly!

So, how is your beauty routine going? Do you low-key meet with cosmetologists, workers of beauty salons or you are trying to adapt to new circumstances?


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