Befits of self-isolation. Let’s talk about good things.

Today is Monday, but don’t wait from me streetsyle information. I was thinking: should I write about the things I used to without paying attention to our current situation,or devote the articles to what is going on around us. I’ve made a decision to write about both topics. Because it is impossible to close your eyes and not to see what’s going on around us. Who really cares about trends now? But on the other hand you may be tired of the abundance of the information on this topic.

Today I want to bring up this highly relevant topic, but to look at it not from the bad side. Let’s try to think positive and let’s pay our attention to the positive moments of the situation.

1. Ecology.

The factories don’t work, cars almost don’t move, airplanes don’t fly… All these things positively influence the environment. The air becomes clean. So, this pause benefits out nature.

2. Animals.

Actually, animals belong to the first point which is all about nature and environment. But I decided to pay specific attention to it. The absence of people on the streets gives more freedom to animal. You might have seen on the news the announcements about the living creatures in the places where they were never seen before! The manufacture pause led to the decrease of the amounts of deaths caused by poachers. The same thing can be said about circuses, zoos, etc. So our small friends will be left in peace for a while. An interesting fact: there are no animals left in the animal shelters. Lots of people decided to adopt animals while fighting with loneliness.

3. Skin.

Now let’s talk about pros for us. Of course, many people think that the absence of “fresh air” is bad for our health, but I will prove you wrong. Air from the cities simply can’t be called fresh. And the fact that we stay at home, don’t touch our face, apply less makeup or don’t wear it at all – all these benefits are great for our skin.

4. Nutrition.

This point is a contraversial one. Are there people among you who started binge eating during quarantine without limiting yourself? The phrase “There will be no summer” doesn’t need to mess with you. The nutrition of many people during quarantine became cleaner. Home made food, the lack of junk food, no desire to snap and buy something not healthy because of rare visits of supermarkets… This is the time when you have an opportunity to be fully responsible for what you eat, for your menu because only you control what gets on your plate. Just think about it: rare shop visits make you eat more cereals instead of fast food options like bakery.


90 % of planet’s population used to complain about the lack of time. So, my congratulations! This excuse no longer works. You don’t loose time on queues, caffe visits, road to work and back home, etc. The best thing you can do right now is to use your time wisely! Think about the things you didn’t have time for and start doing it! Here are my options:
-Learning languages
-Learning new skills
-Informative movies and TV shows
-Cleaning at home
-Family pastime

I also recommend you to think about work online. Because hard times are coming. And it could be great if you found yourself in new line or learned new sky.

6. Economy.

Yes, we probably spend more money on food and electricity. But think about money we used to spend on petrol, dinners in the restaurants, new clothes, cinema, gym… The list is endless and I am sure that all of us see the decrease of your spends. The shopping itself started to look differently.

Of course I understand that pandemic can’t be considered a good thing. But don’t get me wrong,I am just trying to say that there is a positive side in everything. We can’t do anything besides being at home and following safety rules. So let’s do it with good thoughts. 😉


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