I have nothing to wear! Some order in the wardrobe rules.

If you, just like any other lady, often face with the problem of empty wardrobe (although it is actually stuffed with clothes), then our today’s article will save you. I recommend you to remember or even save this post. Because you won’t be trapped by the “I have nothing to wear” problem, if you follow these rules.

1. Get rid of what is no more needed.

You know why you have nothing to wear even if your wardrobe is overloaded with different clothes? Well, because you don’t have anything in fact! This full wardrobe may be an illusion. In real life the majority of clothes may not suit you. Take every item of clothes and think where and when you can wear it. If you don’t come up with any idea during one minute, you can put it in the “Give away” bag without any hesitation.

2. Be honest.

Here comes another problem. You can actually come up with a plenty of ideas of where you can wear this clothing, but you don’t do it simply because you don’t like it. It’s not you thing. No matter why you bought it. You will never feel confident while being dressed in this clothes, if you are not happy with it ??. Where should you put it? Yes, in that very bag.

3. Spend some money.

There are some clothes items, which always lack in the wardrobe. Usually these things are some details or accessories. It is something we think we can live without, but our looks never seem to be complete without them. So just buy things you are lacking instead of buying one more practically the same peace of clothes.

4. Bring everything in order.

Never hang the clothing in the wardrobe if it looks inappropriate. It should become a strict rule for you. You will never have time to iron it, see it up or take it in 5 minutes before leaving the house. You should do it right after buying new clothes. Because, your wardrobe is not an atelier. It should have inside clothes which is ready to be worn. That’s why choose one day and organise, systematise and bring your clothes in order.

5. Travel back to the past.

If you are not that kind of person who simply can get rid of everything at once, you can profit from your flaw of collecting all stuff, even the old or unnecessary one. Have a look at clothing you used to wear couple of years ago. You know that trends tend to come back, maybe something can be relevant right now?

And I’d like everyone of you to write how many clothes items you have (approximately). And think of the amount of then which you actually wear.


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