3 main rules for girls when drying legs at home.


A balanced diet is the main rule of drying. Divide the daily diet into four to five meals in small portions. If this is often for you, then cut back on portions, leave the standard 3 with small snacks. For example, the 1st option suits me.

Eat more protein foods. Do not mix proteins with carbohydrates. Eating is recommended two hours before exercise and forty minutes after training. It is very important to get used to such a regimen, as it is most useful for those engaged in strength exercises 4-5 times a week.

You can’t skip meals. EXCLUDE: carbonated drinks, sweets, confectionery, juices, of course, fatty, fried, deep-fried, fast food, sauces, alcohol and preferably dairy products, you can leave the cottage cheese. Dress salads with olive oil. Fruits in small quantities. Separately read which fruits should be excluded during drying.

Strength training.

It is best to work with low weight, 5-10 kg. An expander and leg weights will be needed. EXERCISES: squats, lunges, “plie”, explosive jumps, walking to the side with an expander.


Any kind of cardio load is suitable. Running, bike (exercise bike), jumping rope, stepper. I most often choose jumping.
Subject to all the above, the result will be noticeable after 10-14 days. My drying starts today. Superfluous quarantine 2 kg in theory will leave in 3-5 days.

Have you tried to dry? Tell me about the results?

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