Let’s talk about accessories! How to wear them and how to take care of them?

Yes, we haven’t discussed this topic many times before. But it’s better late than never. And it may seem weird, but many people neglect this topic. Almost everyone wears accessories, but only small amount of people is really into this topic. So, let’s study it a little bit!

When to wear and when to take them off?

Lots of people wear jewelry but forget about the importance to take it off from time to time. For example, when you do your errands at home (wash the dishes, etc.) It’s better to take accessories off before you go to bed in order not to harm yourself or your accessories. And obviously don’t wear accessories when you exercise or contact with water.

How to protect your jewelry?

Besides protecting your treasures from pickpockets, you also need to protect them from daily things. Accessories don’t like skin creams, perfumes and other chemical substances!

Rules of care.

1. Regular cleansing.

I hope you understand that tap water is not enough. You should soak your accessory in the warm water with a special detergent for 15-20 minutes. Then cleanse it from the dirt with a brush or cotton buds.

2. Buy daily care items. Special microfiber napkins are the best.

3. If you like to wear jewelry with stones, don’t forget to clean them with the napkins.

4. If the stone is closely attached to the jewelry, avoid contact with water.

5. Don’t store your accessories under the open sun. Because in this case the items can loose the color and the quality. You should have a special storage box or something like this. It will help you not to loose your jewelry as well as not to spoil it.

If you understand that it’s impossible for you to cope with the accessory cleansing on your own, don’t forget about the processional ways of cleansing. You can spend some money from time to time on the professional master’s service.

Do you wear accessories in everyday life? If you do, what is it? And what do you prefer – precious metals or jewelry?


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