Problem skin? Maybe the problem lies in you?

I have written a huge and of articles on this topic, but I don’t stop being surprised when I find out WHAT some ladies do to their skin. That’s why I’ve gathered some facts from the daily routines of girls who often ask themselves: “Why do I have skin problems?” We will speak not only about beauty routine.


You can do everything: masks, scrabs, salon procedures and even surgeries. But all these things can be pointless if you forget to change the pillowcase at the right time! I ask you to finally get rid of face towels. They are real bacteria storages. It’s better to spend a little more money on paper towels than to spend huge money on cosmetologist and anti acne products.

The wrong sequence of procedures.

Sometimes there can be a situation when the girl is trying to do everything possible and never skips even a small nuance in care. But all these efforts are in vain. The problem of the absence of the result is the wrong sequence of actions. When it comes to skincare, you need to follow the certain order if you don’t want to get the wrong effect. What am I talking about? Let’s take for example face steaming. Usually ladies use face scrubs after it. And this is a huge mistake! Your skin becomes really vulnerable and scrub is a real torture for it. The list of such care mistakes is really long. Do I need to write an article about it?

Personal hygiene.

The main word in this collocation is “personal”. These situations are probably impossible in quarantine times, but in ordinary life we make such mistakes all the time. I am talking about the sharing of cosmetic supplies. We can give them to our friend or share with mother, or use the tester in the shop… All these things cause rashes! And rashes is the best thing you can get. The worst outcome is to contract a serious infection.


Your menu can be 100 percent healthy, but if your body doesn’t like this food, your skin will start to rebell. One person can eat yoghurt, ice cream and drink milk without any problem, the other one can get pimples all over body because of a tiny peace of cheese, occasionally eaten in the soup. I am exaggerating a little bit, but I hope that you got the idea. Our bodies are individual, with individual requests and whims and we can fully study them only with the help of our experience. And having this knowledge about your body will let you know understand what food to eat and what to avoid. And if problem skin is your life problem, I highly recommend you to take it seriously, advise the dermatologist and get your blood rested.

Habits and poses.

Does it sound unexpectedly? Ok, I will explain. The thing is – smoking, drinking alcohol, sweets are not the only points in the list of unhealthy habits. Some daily actions which may seem harmless can cause some negative consequences. For example wrong sleeping pose. I am not telling you to think only about your skin even when you sleep, but it’s a proven fact that people sleeping on their back risk to get problem skin less than people who sleep on their faces. The other bad habit is touching your face all the time. When we speak or think we don’t control our gestures. We can fight it only be being attentive and even strict to ourselves.

Has this article become a reason of new thoughts and observations? What skin problem is the most relevant for you?

Your Yuli

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