First visit to cosmetologist. What things you should know?

No matter how much money and time you spend on care of yourself at home, you may still come up with an idea of going to professional cosmetologist. And that’s the righ thought. You can’t know everything about your skin. But before making this serious step, read and remember my recommendations!

1. Don’t do anything.

You are already going to the cosmetologist. Be patient and try to avoid any manipulations with your skin at least for 2-3 days before your appointment. Wait until cosmetologist gives you some recommendations.

2. Don’t put on make-up.

It’s a reasonable advice. And a logical one. Wearing makeup will create unnecessary problems because you will need to wash it off anyway.

3. Put your attention to the sterility of the instruments.

Cosmetologist is a doctor in his own way. But even some doctors can be irresponsible. That’s why you should be responsible for your health and life. Control that everything is done according to the standards.

4. Skin type.

Before the beginning of any procedures ask the cosmetologist to identify your skin type and tell it to you. It will help you to choose the right skincare products for the rest of your life.

5.Anamnesis. The allergic status.

Before going to the cosmetologist you have to prepare the anamnesis about you. Anamnesis is the history of your diseases. In some cases it can be a crucial moment in your life. You can also get tested on allergies before starting to use any beauty product.

6. No aggression!

Always keep it in mind that good cosmetologist will never do any aggressive actions to your skin. First procedure is always just getting acquainted with your skin and finding the right daily skincare.

7. Skin cleansing.

It doesn’t matter what beauty procedure is waiting for you. It should always start with the complex skin cleansing. There can’t be a good procedure without it.

8. Home skincare.

Besides the procedures in the salon, cosmetologist should ask about your home skincare routine. He can also correct it or give additional recommendations.

9. Vitamins and supplements.

Be ready that cosmetologist will prescribe you some supplements. Don’t freak of. There is no need to be afraid of it if you trust your cosmetologist.

10. How often should I attend the doctor?

If you don’t have any serious skin problems, once in two weeks will be enough for prevention problems and maintaining good skin condition.

Do you visit cosmetologist or care of your skin at home? Do you find it necessary to spend money on the cosmetologist?


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