Personal Talk with Valentina Grishchenko

This girl is one of those who creates fashion in Ukraine and ability to guess trends and to give them the status of must-have. She helps to all girls from big megalopolises and small cities to pick up clothes and to have their own style. There is a popular TV programm transfered on one of TV channels of Ukraine where girls come for recommendation and she helps them.

Valentina Grishchenko is the TV host and an integral part of the Ukrainian fashion. She was took a part in opening of the first boutique Prada in Kiev in 2012, acting in team of professionals as the visual-merchandiser. Her role in creation of successful business is huge. She is the person who forces buyers of boutique to comeback again and again and to interest them in competently arranged show-window. It is difficult to make happy the buyers of premium brands, so a special ability and knowledge of a product is necessary here. Valya has coped with this task perfectly well, and, having made a maximum for Prada, has passed into the Kiev office of Chloe whose interests she represents to this day.


Who watches TV, knows Valya by the TV programm “Fashion for People”. There she usues all her skills and experience in fashion: individually chooses clothes for girls, skillfully combines various textures and finds color solution. So there is no wonder that everybody in Ukraine loves her so much.

I`ve begun our meeting with questions about fashion. Who as Valya will tell about a role of Ukraine in fashion-business)

Me: Valya, answer me a question which concerns many) What will be with Ukrainian fashion?

Valya: No matter what everybody think and say, I stay very optimistic about this question! Uor fashion has a big future! The Ukrainian designers are waited with open arms in all corners of Europe, and by the main capitals of fashion including New York go on a meeting in any questions and professional undertakings of designers. That`s great! Look at Vita Kean! In recent years she got a world fame. Just imagine that her vyshivanka wearing Anna Delo Russo, Ksenia Sobchak, I heard that even Michelle Obama liked one of her models. Her clothes are an art, it is a way to show to the whole world culture and traditions of Ukraine.

Me: You began career with Lilia Pustovit. Tell me how it was?

Valya: I am immensely grateful to Lila Pustovit that once she has believed in me and have given the chance to develop professional skills. To work with Lillya a great pleasure, in general it is always pleasant to work with professionals. You on one wave, unite you common interests and the purposes. She is a big specialist, to progress in my career I am grateful only to her!

Me: Which of the Ukrainian designers you like. Whose shows you often visit?

Valya: Of course, POUSTOVIT, her shows never I miss. I go for show of other designers when I have a time and an opportunity. Lillya is a rule) I stay friends with many designers, I support their creativity and often I choose for myself clothes from their collections.

Me: Having worked with Prada in Kiev you have passed into Chloe. Why you has made such decision?

Valya: Hristya Hranovskaya has played a big role in my decision. It is the biggest factor, many people dream to work with her, and I was lucky to meet and to work for her. My life has given me a huge gift.

Me: I like you page in Instagram, you travel much. How the new countries / cities influence your profession?

Valya: As well as for each creative person, travel is a part of the life and even part of a profession. There has passed that time when it was necessary to sit from 9:00 till 18:00 at office to go up a career ladder. Now it is important to go much, to learn all new and to be inspired. To be inspired infinitely. The creative person constantly works with own imagination, the imagination and an invention therefore change of a situation, new impressions and new people – all these broadens not only horizons, but also helps emergence of fresh ideas and projects. I am a creative person, and trips are extremely necessary for me)

Me: Valya, you have somethinf in common with Karin Roytfeld. Do you like what she does for fashion?

Valya: Oh, it is a huge compliment if you think that we have smth similsr! This woman is incredibly beautiful and attractive in every sense: in work, manners, taste, creativity. It is possible to list infinitely) Do I like Karin? Whether how to ask the sweet tooth candies)) Karin – is inspiration for many, for me she is a role model. She is a certain base in my career, my outlook and perception of fashion. Always it was pleasant to me that she did for the French Vogue, on quality of content and originality of shootings it is like main Vogue. Now she does her own magazine, and does it, as before – at the high level.

Me: If there would be an opportunity to head the magazine what you would choose?

Valya: Yuliana, I will tell honestly – I am not a journalist, I don’t think that at me it would turn out to write something. I am a source of creative ideas, and in the edition would agree to work as the creative director or the PR consultant.

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