Personal Talk with Sasha Chervonenko

If to hammer the name “Aleksandra Chervonenko” into Google, then you learn that it is one of the main secular girls of Kiev and one of enviable brides of Ukraine. About the second it is possible to introduce some amendments) And on the first point there are inaccuracies. I know Sasha for a long time and I will tell that she is first of all very good girl, the business lady and the person who thinly feels fashion.

The authoritative Focus edition writes about Sasha as about the purposeful girl who is engaged in feshn-business, sport and a learning of foreign languages. Sasha got a profile education in London, later came back to Ukraine where began to gain a working experience in the company of the father of Chervonenko Racing. In 2010 opened boutique of Bogner sportswear, then became the official representative of the Zadig & Voltaire brand in Kiev.

The other day we met to talk about its business plans, to discuss fashion in the world and in Ukraine and just to chat on female themes)


Me: Sasha, tell how opened the first boutique?

Sasha: It was 8 years ago. For me it was this turning point which specified to me what I want to be engaged further and where to move in the professional sphere.

Me: What is necessary for the person from the world of fashion that to make new business successful? In fashion now the big competition.

Sasha: The competition is the best engine of progress. It is what keeps always in a tone and forces to be enhanced. Business is a live organism and that it successfully worked it is necessary to be aware of each detail and to be engaged in it daily.

As for fashion-business it is important to choose initially correctly a brand and the place where it will be provided. This key.

In parallel it is daily work with personnel, service improvements, cost control, analytics of sales, marketing, the correct purchase of goods and its presentation in the hall. We in the company pay special attention to client service. For example the Sandro and Maje brands which we represent have own training school. Our directors regularly go on training to Paris where inform of philosophy of brands them, learn as it is correct to communicate with clients, technology of sales and how to improve service.

Me: In what else business it would be interesting to you to be involved?

Sasha: I now completely am in the elements. In фешн a retail at me there are a lot more unrealized ideas 🙂

Me: How you spend your free time? Sport? Travel?

Sasha: Regularly I go to the gym. In the winter surely mountain skiing. I like to travel very much. I will agree with Agatha Christie who told that: “life during the travel is a dream in pure form”.

Me: What cities you love most of all and why?

Sasha: My second home is London. It is the city which is close to me on spirit and power.

Me: Where you like to do shopping? What brands you choose?

Sasha: Lately so it turns out that I most often do shopping in the shops 🙂 Sandro, Maje and Zadig&Voltaire brands my darlings. In London always I come into huge Topshop on Oxford Circus almost next to it Other Stories, and in Stella McCartney. From classics I love loro piano and brunello cucinelli.

Me: About you often write, how about the enviable bride of Ukraine. You as treat this status?

Sasha: Considering that I am married strange that don’t write as about the enviable wife yet 🙂

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