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There are not so many Ukrainian designers who could work on two brands at once. On the European Fashion market and American it is not a phenomenon. In the Ukrainian fashion it happens not so often. Our designers try to work on new lines, collaborations, but so far doing it in the test mode. But Katerina Kvit keeps surely in this question. I met Katya recently and asked her how she mixes two projects, asked about travelling and favorite brands.


Me: Katya,  there are changes in your career now. You have been working on fashion brand and than have created the new project. Tell me how it happend?

Katya: Changes are really huge)) But thanx God in a positive side! Creation of the new T.Mosca brand began as it often happens, with a glass of champagne and brilliant ideas: “And why don’t we make it?”) Me and Oksana always thought equally and always had? that`s why we did this project! Still changes happen also in the Katerina Kvit brand. Quite recently we created a new line of wedding clothes! We developed an exclusive collection of wedding suits for partners of Concept Bride! By the way, there will be a show on this Saturday on Wedding Fashion Ukraine. It is a new branch of business for me too! It isn’t similar at all to what we did before, but very interesting!

Me: Speaking about successful projects, it is always interesting how everything began?  How T.Mosca and Katerina Kvit was created?

Katya: It was a long stage! Starting from my leaving University of Economic and entering to Institute of Fashion and Design, and finishing with tenders, shows, trainings. Now I do what I always wanted, but like all creative people, I am always have some doubts!I want better and more always !

Me: You are reserved in a color palette. The Katerina Kvit ss 17 collection is in neutral tones, T.Mosca ss 17 in general in total black/white. Why don’t you love bright colors in clothes?

Katya: The Katerina Kvit collection indeed always in the sustained colors! I always carefully mix colors and shades. And here in T.Mosca we usually try to make in a bright palette.  This collection, perhaps, was less color, but for buyers we, as usual, will offer a big color palette)

T.Mosca SS 17

Me: I liked an embroidery on tops and gate of jackets in T.Mosca collection, they are incredibly beautiful! How you got the idea idea?

Katya: T.Mosca embroidery became for a long time a brand symbol therefore wanted to represent it in a new way. And as the subject of the New Ukrainian collection, and an embroidery turned out a little with national motives).

Me: Still I know, you made shoes by your own. You already can create the additional line of accessories and shoes!)

Katya: We created shoes with the Ukrainian Demmyvik brand. I know these girls long time ago, but it was the first experience of creation of footwear) I was always skeptical about the Ukrainian accessories, but this year I`ve changed my opinion!

Me: American Vogue wrote about the Katerina Kvit ss 17 collection. It is a big success! Positive reviews have “other part of a medal” – criticism. What do you think of criticism to the work?

Katya: I say honestly that I treat criticism very painfully, but I try to fight against it! Of course, I want to hear and read only good)) But if already and I hear criticism (that fortunately is very rare), then I try to take out positive sides!

Me: Tell me about the travelling. What countries do you love? Where usually do shopping and what brands you buy?

Katya: Favorite shopping is Italy! I like to have a rest, work and buy new things here) Especially my Italian is even better than English))) The best cities for shopping – Milan and Florence. Buy European brands,  Zara, H&M. I love Isabel Marant (their coat, jackets), I love Gucci loafers! I love Aleksander Wang, Acne, of course, I love Rossi family shoes)

Me: What kind of advice you will give to the beginning designers?

Katya: Only one – it is necessary to believe in yourself and the forces! It is very important! In our country there isn’t enough support for creation of the fashion brands! But it is necessary to trust and do what is pleasant to you! In general, I very much love the work! And this is important!

Katya, thanx for replys! I will visit your`s and T.Mosca showroom as soon as possible!

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