Personal Talk With Alyona Bettyar

Among ukrainian designers there are so many really gifted people capable meter of regular fabric to turn into an art element! I am proud that among them there are many my friends and girlfriends, they work on development of the idea, spend much time on business trips that from each country to bring a fresh thought to Ukraine and to realize it in a new collection.

For now I do for you an interview with Alyona Bettyar, my good friend and the owner of the A.M.G brand. Her clothes always attracted interest of me, this time I had one more occasion to meet Alyona – to talk about her business and the forthcoming plans in the fashion-market.

Me: Alyona, what you want to begin our talk with?)

Alyona: I want to tell about a collection spring-summer 2017. In it there are a lot of experiments and cardinal changes.

Me: So let`s start)

Alyona: All my team carefully worked on this collection, using innovative fabrics. The collection subject absolutely new to us, and me seems, for the Ukrainian fashion in general. Inspiration of the new A.M.G collection. a break dance the culture, her bright representatives served authentic (Ukrainian). In the childhood I was engaged in brake dance, always with interest I watch everything that occurs in the world of hip hop of culture. This spring our Ukrainian dancer Oleg won the first place in the world tender on a breakdance. As I am a person of creativity, this news pushed me on the idea to create the clothes inspired by street culture. Made a start from the fact that decided to mix already developed style of the A.M.G brand., namely – laces, silks and other “fragile” fabrics, with rough fabrics and sports subject. The complex combination, but will turn out very interestingly, besides, absolutely new embroidery will be this time provided.

FW 16-17 show

Me: You have a big team?

Alyona: Now more than 15 people. We have a separate production on bandages, on skin, and separate production on tailoring of the main clothes, it happens here, in our studio.

Me: In what shops your brand is provided?

Alyona: This year in the Ukrainian market at us several new boutiques are Corner Concept Store, this shop for us to some extent new audience and, of course, prospect for development. We will be in Perfomans shop soon, it is in the city of Zaporizhia. Break for us was also the fact that this year we go to the new showroom to Paris, it is successful not only in France, but also in all Europe. We signed with them the contract with the European agency, and now we prepare to provide a spring and summer collection in the countries of Europe, and also in America. Generally, year, productive at us, turned out.

Me: And what about accessories?

Alyona: Tanya Nemchenko did us felt hats, we were very satisfied! Tanya heard us and correctly understood that we want. The question on footwear is more extensive. As at us бохо and collection fate, me was necessary to look for cowboy’s boots from the different websites and to do orders. Practically all sold, and in general, then useful experience was got! Because cowboy’s boots – it in general is difficult, that is it is difficult from the point of view of sales. On their production all leaves from two to three years, handwork. Therefore it was interesting to work with such vintage accessories.

Me: And belts?

Alyona: While I can tell nothing, we place emphasis on hats now. By the way, for the forthcoming collection footwear in a new format will be presented, and for work artists are already invited for this purpose. You, probably, remember, our last models with a list? They dispersed then very quickly, there were many orders from Europe. This time, I think, something special will turn out too.

Me: Share still some details about a collection.

Alyona: I can add that there will be a large amount of natural fabrics. Also, in a new season we try to work with ecoskin. As we work with skin and fur, this absolutely new to us. Actually, in Paris buyers showed great interest to our products from ecoskin so we will look what from this will turn out.

Me: Alyona, I believe that everything will turn out perfectly, and I will hear positive reviews about your works still more than once!

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