Peptides in cosmetics.

Peptides are directly one of the most important components for our skin. Especially collagen and elastane. After we turn 30 years, we all slowly begin to experience the fireside of their natural production. And you need to do something…

Why does it happen?

This is influenced by many factors. Some of them we can control, the others we can’t. For example, lifestyle, nutrition, etc. But no matter how much you protect yourself from the sun, you still can’t be 100% saved from UV rays. Piptides are very controversial components of care. Unlike the rest of the ingredients, they have no cumulative effect. Peptide by itself practically does not make any sense. But! Peptides forse our skin naturally release more collagen!

What are the peptides?

I just want to draw your attention to the fact that in addition to the differences in the peptides themselves, they also affect the skin in different ways depending on its type, age, and other factors. But still they are divided into several types:

1. Botex.

Natural! This is a type of peptide that blocks the appearance of wrinkles during active facial expressions.

2. Signal.

This is such a deception of the body. A certain process happens and the skin begins to actively produce large amounts of collagen in response to a signal.

3. Protective.

Here the inhibition of the disintegration of its own collagen occurs, which we talked about above. Every year, a woman is more and more active, and her own collagen breaks down more actively. This process needs to be slowed down somehow.

4. Carriers.

Peptides that saturate our skin cells with essential minerals. Namely, zinc and copper.

How to apply?

Applying collagen only in a cleanser is not enough at all. You applied and washed it off. What’s the point? The peptides must remain permanently in the skin. Ideal way is to apply them both in the morning and in the evening. And do it after washing! Recently I devoted a separate article to collagen and how to find it in food. Be sure to read.

To be honest,the topic is very serious. And you will never find the answer to the question: What is more important? Nutrition or care? Everything is important! And only in balance you can really achieve some visible results.

Tour Yuli.

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