Panic attacks. The epidemic of modern humanity.

Complaints about anxiety, panic attacks, constant feeling of discomfort… Do these things sound familiar? Why did I call it epidemic? Because a huge amount of people struggle with this problem right now. It has started in recent years and it’s especially relevant for our present days…

I understand that it’s really difficult to control yourself now. But you need to realize that you won’t do any good to yourself with all these worries. You will need to rethink your lifestyle.

Reasons of PA.

1. Caffeine.

One of the most pleasant and the most dangerous substances for us. Especially if we don’t consume it in moderation. A while ago a cup of cappuccino in the morning was ok, but the borders became really blurred during quarantine. People started eating or drinking coffee 100 times a day. Or people drink tea a lot. So if you get overboard with tea or coffee during the day, don’t be surprised when you get anxiety by the end of the day. If you still want to pumper yourself, pay your attention to chicory. It’s a wonderful healthy drink with a plenty of wonderful qualities and it doesn’t contain caffeine!

2. Sugar.

Are you surprised? Yes, sugar remains being the enemy of health. It’s not about our shape. It was proven long time ago that sugar can increase anxiety because of caffeine. Especially, if you drink coffee with sugar… You get this insulin swing. We eat chocolate, we get the feeling of satisfaction and boost our energy. But after a while blood sugar goes down, our body produces adrenaline and it causes PA.

3. Sleep.

Raise your hands if your daily schedule remained the same as it was before quarantine? Don’t think that there is many of you… It’s more or less ok if you sleep the same amount of time, but have different schedule. But for many of us the amount of sleep jumps from 5-6 hours on one day to 10-12 on another day. Your body won’t be calm under such conditions. The lack of sleep just like the abundance of sleep may influence bad your brain and psyche.

4. The absence of physical activity.

The absence of sport in daily life is bad. But when we are cooped up it’s even worse. We don’t know for sure when the quarantine is over and the energy difficiency leads to adrenaline production and the problem of panic.

5. The absence of discipline.

The last point is the question of our self control. Which influences all other things. Don’t fit the mold – yes, you can hear it everywhere. But I will disagree with this phrase. Because you need to have some schedule and set some rules which will help you to avoid binge eating candies and sleeping for 12 hours!

Has something like this happened to you before? Has it gotten worse at the time of pandemic? Please share your experience of fighting with anxiety!


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