Pequliarities of summer skincare.

Practice makes perfect. I think that you need to remind yourself that you need to change your skincare several times a year. It seems that everyone is aware of this fact, but still forget to change the beauty routine.

1. Careful cleansing.

Why exactly in summer? We actually wear less make up. But I need to say that make up is not the whole thing. For example, SPF products soak in the skin deeply. And even small amount of cosmetics mixed with swear will create a great foundation for spreading of the bacteria.

2. Light texture.

Cleaning your skin carefully doesn’t mean looking for the thickest gel or using scrabs every day. Summer is summer. Our skin also needs rest. That’s why put off oily creams for a while and replace them with light tonics and moisturising lotions.

3. SPF.

I wrote so many articles on this topic,but still many of you skip the importance of this point. I don’t doubt the fact that you use SPF cosmetics. But it’s not enough. Don’t trust the composition of decorative cosmetics when it comes to sun protection. It’s better to buy additional products! The independent ones.

4. Shower.

I am not only talking about hygiene. Summer is a period of swimming. We can swim in the sea or in the swimming pool and quite often we forget about taking the shower immediately. Yes, we will do it in the end of the day,but it can’t be too late. Sea water as well as chlorine have a negative impact on our skin. It dries it out.

5. Napkins.

I will repeat it one more time – our skin really suffers in summer. Bacteria spread with the speed of light. It is important, besides cleaning the skin in the morning and in the evening, to do it during the day. If you don’t have an opportunity to wash your face normally, take with you matting napkins. If your skin is not oily, napkins for kids will be enough.

What is difficult for you in summer skincare routine? And when is your skin in better condition:in winter or now?


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