Mistakes women make in style after 40.

I am wondering – are there representatives of elder generation among my subscribers? Today we will talk about the most popular mistakes in style and clothing after they turn 40. I highly recommend you to read this article even if you are not of this age. Sometimes this mistakes can be made at the earlier age! Of you can share this article with your mum.

1. You can’t have long hair.

There is a stereotype that after certain age woman simply can’t have long hair and needs to get a short haircut. Even if your hair is in the perfect condition. “It’s not the right age…” You may hear such words, but do you need to agree with them? Of course if hair is damaged, then pixie haircut can be a good wayout. But get a certain haircut simply because of the number in the passport makes no sense. And quite often this stereotype gets recognition in the countries of CIS.

2. Lots of make-up.

We all understand that the older we get, the more things we would like to hide. But let’s not get overboard. Yes, make-up is great, but the older we get, the less attractive makeup looks on your skin. That’s why I recommend something moderate, pastel shades and thin foundation layer must be perfect.

3. Jewelry.

A while ago we used to think that wearing huge amount of jewelry together with precious stones and metals is a key to successful look. But fashion isn’t a stable thing, standards change all the time. And now everything which looked precious looks cheap. Minimalism is the best option. It always looks stylish.

4. Strict clothes.

This is another thing to gain popularity among middle aged women – to dress as if you work as a teacher of in the office. I can get it if you work in the office and it’s your dresscode. But you can wear other style of clothes in daily life.

5.Avoiding oversize.

Don’t mix my advice with the recommendation to wear baggy clothes. Even more, many ladies have better shape at the age of 40 than the others in their twenties. With the help of oversize you can hide some flaws. The fact that only grannies wear oversize is a stereotype. You will always win if you rely on your body type and what suits you!

6. Teenagers style.

It’s a very blurred definition. For some of us jeans are for teens. Personally I think that this clothes is totally normal for all age groups. But you need to keep the balance – pretending that you are forever 15 and wearing sweatshirts with cartoon characters is another extreme.

What do you think: there is clothes for certain ages or not? And I will repeat my question I asked you in the beginning: How old are you? And would you like to read something like this but for male wardrobe?

Your Yuli

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