New Place in Kiev: Mur Mur

My post is about new place in Kiev named Mur Mur and I`ll try to explain u why this is that case when one look is worth a thousand words!

Oleg Volosovsky, the owner of design company Loft Buro told me about how was created his idea:

“Fundamental thing is the loft style. It takes Mexican, Central Asian, Indochina, Japanese styles. Therefore in our Mur Mur you can see smth from Paris spirit, Mexico and Latin America at the same time.

We made Mur Mur as cozy home, it is like when you visited me and I made a party. You can go on a balcony to smoke or sit on a terrace.

Then you go on the 8th floor and get to the hall. The hall is already not just entrance group, is already a part of a show! It is a round tower with beautiful city view.

The bar area, zone of restaurant, are combined with a zone where is piano and the DJ area. There is not only the professional equipment, there still a record collection, the whole record library so lovely collected is gathered at your place. You come to play as DJ and you already have a collection”.

Karolis Urbonavichus is making cocktails. I had an interview with him early in the blog. Here is the link.

“The main idea of bar menu is about to show cocktails which are good to drink before a dinner – aperitifs, many Vermouths, herbs everything that is good for digestion and “opens” a stomach before eating.

The next part of cocktail is flavor fusions. It is “fusion” with unusual tastes, for example, Pine vodka infused on pine needles, the cucumber soda, honey with truffle, cheese foam with black rice, wine with grapefruit, smoked cocktails with smoke on Meskala and so on”.

Music makers are Pavel Plastik and Philip Markovic.

“Speaking about the loft, we think about legendary 70-s and 80-s and New -York club «The Loft». To make a start even it is musical from that time, it was time of absolute freedom. And here Oleg Volosovsky pushes us on this history with salon and guests again. When you come to visit good friend and he will be ready for your arrival and will get best music for u. Favorite songs are Schad or Prince or Madonna, certainly.

There will be grand piano (almost in bushes). And it means that we will have a live music. But it doesn’t mean that it will be classical jazz. It will be that is much more interesting. But it is still a secret”.

Natalya Voloshina executive of restaurant net talking about food menu.

“Mur Mur menu is adapted to the European tastes Mexican, Peruvian, modern American and even Hawaiian cuisine. We made an open rack of kitchen. And besides Josper (the Spanish furnace which is heated charcoal), we delivered also to Robata grill. We will cook on it is mute not only fish and meat, but also vegetables, for example avocado entirely which can be eaten even with a spoon.)) Also you will find a dish named “POKE BOWLS”. In the Hawaiian culture of Poke is the cut marinated crude fish. First seamen pickled the remains of the hooked fish, and then the dish received additional ingredients under the influence of Japanese and other Asian cuisines. Usually enter Poke: boiled rice and a vegetable pillow, crude fish, avocado, soy sauce, sesame oil, a little red pepper in powder and sesame kernels. Also the menu is constructed in such a way that the structure of this dish can be transformed at the request of the guest.

Some bottles from our wine card are brought exclusively for us. For example, Barbaresco is wine which is on top of the Italian winemaking along with Barollo and Amarone on which monopolists wine makers hold quite high price. Young wine maker who has redeemed a part of vineyards of Barbaresco has made special delivery for us of this wine at the low price. As well mescal on which ours cooks cocktails maker Karolis  you cant buy. We have brought sustained Piedre Almas mescal, and Karolis stands it in barrels from under Vermouth still in addition”.

See You at Mur Mur!

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